Batak Spitz: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character

Batak Spitz, like almost all other dogs, is ideal for living in a country house where you can run around the site and frolic. But the city conditions are perfect for them if the owners are not lazy to walk and play with them.

Batak spitz

Characteristics Batak Spitz

  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • The size: small
  • Growth: 30-45 cm
  • The weight: up to 5 kg
  • Age: 13–15 years old
  • FCI breed group: Not recognized

Brief information

  • Cheerful;
  • funny;
  • playful;
  • Barking lovers.

Origin story Batak Spitz

One of the oldest breeds of dogs, images of Spitz can be seen in ancient Greek drawings and antique dishes, then in the paintings of artists of the Middle Ages. It is believed that the name of the breed Spitz was recorded in the sources for the first time in 1450 in Germany. Fluffy dogs were very popular among German aristocrats.

A more utilitarian use of Spitz took place on the island of Sumatra among the Indonesian Batak (hence the name of the breed). Entire flocks of Spitz lived in Batak settlements, guarded houses, and accompanied their owners both hunting and fishing.

Swedish whalers considered Spitz to be a kind of talisman that could sniff and lure whales, and a doghouse was equipped in each cockpit. The dogs were on allowance and were considered members of the team.

Later, Batak Spitz was taken with them on the road to protect luggage, but in our time they feel great as a companion and pet.

Description Batak Spitz

Very cute small dogs of almost square format with triangular ears, a characteristic smiling face of a fox, and a very fluffy coat. The tail is curled and lies on the back. On the hind legs “pants”, on the front tows.

Previously, breeders preferred white, but now they believe that the coat color of an animal can be anything: white, red, fawn, and even black. The main thing is to have a long outer coat and a very thick undercoat.

Character Batak Spitz

Fun, fearless, friendly dogs. Good watchmen at the slightest hint of danger, the owner will be warned by a ringing bark. However, as soon as the Pomeranians are convinced that yesterday’s stranger is the owner’s friend, they will immediately attract the guest to the games and beg him for goodies. However, they will still bark loudly but on a different note.


In general, the Batak Spitz is an unpretentious and hardy animal, with good health. But in order for the dog to look beautiful, you need to take care of the coat. Periodically wash the pet and comb it 2-3 times a week with a special brush. In the wet and dirty off-season, it is worth putting on fluffy pet overalls-raincoats that will not allow their fur to get dirty.


It will be very difficult to find a Batak Spitz puppy in Russia and even in Europe. The main number of these dogs is concentrated in Indonesia, so the puppy will have to be ordered there. Although this is not the most expensive breed, the total amount may be significant, since you will have to pay for paperwork and delivery.

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