Bats views, photos and description | How the bats look and what the bats eats

These extremely unusual creatures are quite rare, but their number is quite significant. There are extremely many myths around these winged creatures. Bat are small fluffy mammals that fly in the sky with the onset of darkness. Almost all of them lead a night lifestyle, and also meet on the trees upside down in the light of day. It is also noteworthy that it is almost impossible to consider bats, since they can fly extremely quickly and can surpass many birds in maneuverability.

California leafbeam bat

White leaflet

Indian flying fox

Big brown leather

Brown Ushan

Giant evening party

Dwarf epaulet rated

Big horseseers

Striped yelloweared leaflet

Bluebrown arrow

Other types of bats

Small Netopyr

Big false vampire

Red hairy attic

Pig bat

Malay shortlegged cooled

Spotted ears

Flying scum

Sulawle Kinglain

Pale copials

Gambian epaulet

Large hareugube

Water nightlight

Ordinary vampire

White winged vampire

Bulldog bat

Flying fox

Iconnikov’s nightlight

The nightlight is longtailed

A mustachioed nightlight

The nightlight is witty

The nightlight is pond

Firewoman Brandt

Notterer’s nightlight

Bechstein’s nightlight

The nightlight is threecolored

Northern leather jacket

Eastern leather leather

East long wing

Twocolor leather leather


There are bats of completely different sizes, both very tiny and very large with body length up to one meter. Despite fairy tales, some varieties of bats feed on blood. At the moment, almost all European species are under the protection of international conventions, in particular, the Berne Convention and the Bonn Convention. All of them are also listed in the International Red Book. Part of the varieties are at risk of complete disappearance, and some are in an extremely vulnerable position.

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