Beautiful booth photo and description of a poisonous mushroom, appearance, double

Borovik is beautiful (lat. Rubroboletus Pulcherrimus) is a mushroom from the Belotov family, which is known for its beauty, for which, as a result, it received such a name not only among the people, but also from scientists. Despite this name, it is worth remembering that the mushroom itself is poisonous and is not eaten, regardless of heat treatment. He does not have a poison that can kill a person, but at the same time, the following side effects begin: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other stomach disorders that cannot be called pleasant.


The hat can reach enormous sizes and is often capable of exceeding 20 or even 25 centimeters in diameter. In shape, the hat is spherical, and its surface is slightly rough. Coloring is different, but basically it varies from reddish to brown shades. The pulp itself is dense, its color is yellow, but when cutting it begins to blue, creating beautiful patterns, but warning what contains poison. The leg is not very long, 10-15 centimeters, but its width also reaches ten to two centimeters in diameter, which is why this mushroom seems very massive in its appearance. Tubes grow teeth and have a greenish color. The pores are painted into scarlet or bloody, because of which the beautiful boletus seems a little frightening outside.

Where it grows

It is difficult to highlight the exact habitat, but mushroom pickers most often meet these mushrooms in the western part of North America, mainly in mixed or deciduous forests. At the same time, representatives of this species form mycorizes with most rare coniferous trees: a false tissolite, a stonefruit and a great fir. Of course, you should not collect them, but if you need a dried mushroom in the collection, then the collection season should start in early autumn and until its end.


Borovik beautiful belongs to the class of inedible toxic mushrooms, but the poison itself is not particularly dangerous for a person not a single death was recorded. From side effects, after eating, nausea, severe pain in the abdomen can be distinguished, which can grow into vomiting, as well as diarrhea or constipation. No heat treatment can make the mushroom suitable for food, so the only case when it is worth collecting it is the desire to replenish or create a collection of dried copies. You can touch the mushroom without fears, because the poison is dangerous only if the mucous membranes enters, which are the eyes and nose, or into the oral cavity. In the case of poisoning, you will not have any serious consequences, although it is necessary to make the stomach to wash the side effects soon to stop violating the usual human pace.

Similar views

Boroviki themselves have a lot of varieties, but out of the most similar to Borovik beautiful, two can be distinguished:

Pink-Purple Borovik. Refers to toxic mushrooms, but has much smaller sizes, unlike its brother, and also differs in an uneven color of the hat. Yellow leg and often has a strong bend. The hat is flat, not spherical, like a beautiful boletus. Instead of roughness, it is glossy, thanks to which it reflects the sun’s rays and creates beautiful reflexes on itself. Color shades can vary from red to yellow, but mainly concentrated in the range near Orange or brown.

Borovik is pink-purple

Wolf Borovik. This mushroom, in turn, is conditional. Its size is one of the smallest in the family, if you take into account only the height and diameter, but the distinguishing one can be called that the hat and leg are almost identical to the circle, which is why they can only be distinguished due to color. This mushroom is blue in the same way when pressing or cutting, like a beautiful booth, which indicates the presence of poison in it. At the same time, the poison itself is much weaker, therefore, with proper heat treatment, the wolf mushroom can even be eaten, although it is still not worth doing this, because its pulp will fall apart and will practically not save taste qualities.

Wolf Borovik

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