Bedlington Terrier: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character

Bedlington Terriers are highly intelligent: they are smart and quick-witted. Pets will be happy to learn new commands and will be able to appreciate puzzle toys.

Bedlington Terrier

Characteristics Bedlington Terrier

  • Country of Origin: UK
  • The size: Average
  • Growth: 38-43 cm
  • The weight: 8–10 kg
  • Age: 12–14 years old
  • FCI breed group: Terriers

Brief information

  • Energetic, need sufficient physical activity;
  • The main feature of the breed is the “sheep” appearance;
  • Very jealous, and does not get along well with other animals.


A dog in sheep’s clothing is what the Bedlington Terrier is often called. Behind the original pretty appearance lies a real hunter, brave and fearless.

The history of the breed began in the 19th century in England. In the town of Bedlington, small hunting dogs were bred, which were used to destroy rats and small rodents. The agility and agility of animals were appreciated not only by local residents. It is said that the gypsies even taught them simple tricks and trained them to participate in ruthless rat fights.

Bedlington did not long remain a hard worker and yard resident. Very soon, representatives of high society paid attention to him, and the dog became a favorite of the English aristocracy. Breeders slightly corrected the appearance of pets and made their character softer. This is how the Bedlington Terrier appeared in its modern form an excellent companion and comrade.

However, the past of representatives of this breed makes itself felt. Tireless, energetic, and courageous, the Bedlington Terrier requires active walks and exercise. He needs a lot of work.

In addition, he needs training and early socialization. It’s all about the inconsistency of his character: on the one hand, this is a faithful and devoted dog who is ready to give his life for his master, but, on the other hand, he can be selfish and very jealous. Therefore, experts do not recommend starting a breed for families with children or couples who are planning a child. The dog will probably react very coldly to such competition for the attention and love of the owner. However, there are pleasant exceptions. The main thing is the proper upbringing of the pet.


The Bedlington Terrier needs careful grooming for its soft, curly coat. To avoid tangles, every two to three days the pet should be combed with a massage brush, and every six to eight weeks cut by a groomer. It is better to teach your pet these procedures from childhood, so then they will not cause trouble.

In addition, monthly it is recommended to examine the teeth and ears of the pet, as well as cut his claws.

Conditions of detention

The Bedlington Terrier is suitable for keeping in a city apartment, the main thing is that you need to walk with your pet two to three times a day, play with it and exercise. Without proper exercise, the dog’s character can deteriorate.

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