Belichy family representatives and species | Rodents of the Belichy family

Belichee are a family from a rodent detachment, which has 280 species. Its representatives have no large sizes. The length of their body can be 6 cm, and it can be 60 cm. Hind legs are longer than the front. According to the external signs of squirrels, they are divided into three groups: ground, woody and pools. The latter on the sides have skin folds with which they are able to plan, jumping from trees. The woods have a long flexible body and a large fluffy tail. Ground species are denser and have strong front paws. The color of a thick fur coat can be black, white, light beige, dark brown, bright red, with spots, strips or without them.

Indian giant squirrel

Twocolor protein

Cream protein


Amazon squirrel

Western dwarf protein

Fiery protein

Yellowcorneal protein

Redtailed protein

Bolivian squirrel

Other types of Belichy family

Japanese squirrel


Fox squirrel

Squirrel Douglas

Red protein

Abert’s squirrel

Guyan squirrel

ALELEN squirrel

Persian squirrel

Dog protein

Ordinary squirrel

Yukatan squirrel

White-red flying


Representatives of the Belishka family are quite common on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica and Australia. They also did not populate the island of Madagascar, Northwest Africa and the southern part of the South American continent. Live both in tropical forests and in tundra and foresttundra. They can be seen even in a mountainous area free from glaciers.

Like all rodents, some types of squirrels can be carriers of dangerous diseases. A number of ground species (for example, gophers) are also a threat to agricultural crops. Squirrel fur is very valuable, in connection with which they are often the object of hunting.

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