Bellar mushrooms | Family of mushrooms Bolot Photos and Names

Bolovy this is an extensive family of various mushrooms. The most popular representative is white mushroom. The main similarity between all varieties of the family lies in porous hymenophore. The hat and leg may vary in size. However, most mushrooms have a convex hat with light pulp. The leg thickened and durable. The taste of mushrooms of the Belotov family is acute and bitter. The vast majority of the Bolovaya are edible mushrooms that are famous among most mushroom pickers. It is also noteworthy that confusing them with poisonous mushrooms is extremely difficult.


The white mushroom is birch

Pine white mushroom

Bronze boat

Borovik girl 

Borovik is indigenous

The bour is inedible

Borovik mesh

Royal Borovik

Borovik is beautifully painted

Other Belot Mushrooms

The beam is semibronze

The beast is beautiful

The beard is purple


Dubovik Kele

Dubovik speckled

Dubovik is ordinary

Gall mushroom

Mookhovik is green

Mookhovik is red

Mookhovik is burdened

Mookhovik is cracked

Swamp bog

The boletus is harsh

Group is common

The boletus is multicolored

Suppline boot

Sunseline is yellow-brown

Supportment is ordinary

Halfwhite mushroom

Porphyrovik is redcontrolled

Satanian mushroom

Filloporerus is red-brown

Chishkogrib is a cotton

White mushroom oak


The Baise Family includes about 415 species of hat tubular mushrooms. They grow in forest soils, sometimes in the tundra. Take out two wood and two parasitic representatives of the species. Most often they are formed by mycorrhism with woody plants. There are baptists on the territory of the temperate latitudes of Eurasia and North America. Mushrooms differ in their taste and healing properties. So in a number of Belotny mushrooms there are antibiotic substances that help fight tuberculosis and E. coli.

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