Bench plants | Aquatic plants of the Kuvshinkov family

Shuvshinka plants, or, as they are also called, nymphs are a separate family of plants, the most significant in order.

About 70 species are included in the family that form 6 births: a water lily or nymph, a cube, Victoria, Barclaya, Evriah and onbdinea

In general, the jugs received very wide geographical distribution: for example, the water lilie is recognized as a cosmopolitan plant, which is found in almost all climatic zones, but the cube is everywhere found in the temperate belt of the northern hemisphere. The only place where they cannot be detected is deserts and highland areas. Of the 70 species of the family, seven species are found in our country.

Types of jug plants

The water lily is white

Red water lily

Blue water lily

Pug Victoria Region (Amazonian Nymphia)

The water lily is yellow

Water lily

Kushvinka Gold Medal

Jason Briidon’s water lily


This family includes a large number of decorative water species of plants for example, Victoria Amazonskaya. Usually these are perennial aquatic plants of herbal shape with a welldeveloped rhizome that can take root in the cauliflower day. The leaves are located on long petioles, shiny on top, covered with pile in the lower part; usually huge (up to 2 m). Correct flowers on long pedunks, large, bisexual, usually single.

A jugs are of serious importance in the food chain of many valuable species of animals: nutria, deer, beaver. For example, in the ondaters they can be up to 50% of the diet. Such a plant not only have aesthetic value, but also often used for medical purposes.

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