Bent down a bent a photo and description of an edible mushroom where it grows, the appearance

Forest mushroom has an exceptionally long leg, and in appearance it is a really magnificent talker. Called tacks are often found in large quantities, either in the form of arcs, or even whole magic rings, sometimes many meters in diameter. This is one of the few large mushrooms that is experiencing moderate frosts, so sometimes there are specimens that fruit fruit until the end of December.

The central bulge and the smooth felt of this large mushroom with long legs are distinctive features.



Cream-colored grows up to 20 cm across, diameter 10-15 cm is more typical. Homogeneous, matte and convex in young bent tacks, in old specimens flat or shallow funnelshaped, the hat retains a fairly wide central umbrella.

Thick dense hat is white and hard, young mushrooms are edible (but a hard fibrous leg should be thrown away).


Wide, inclined, frequent, deep down, go to the leg, the same color with a hat.


In young individuals, the stem is slightly paler than the hat, but as the fruit body matches the yellowish-yellow tint. Sine’s leg without a ring, smooth, thickens to the base.

Habitat of bent talk and ecological role

Dense groups or rings of mushrooms settled in deciduous forests, especially in clearings, under broadleaved trees in the park zone, on the sidelines of roads, in hedges from August to early December in the cold winter. The bent tack is found in continental Europe and in North America. In a more warm climate, a bent dialect gathers mushroom pickers until the New Year.

The use of talkers bent in cooking

This is acceptable to taste, an edible mushroom, although the rating of it is not very high among fans of forest fruits. When the talker is young and fresh, it is fried with onions, used in risotto, soups and other mushroom dishes. The legs are quite stiff, and many cooks throw out this part and cook only hats.

The benefits of speaking are bent

The beneficial properties of the mushroom have found application in folk medicine. The healers are prepared from the bent talk of ointment, extracts are made for the respiratory system, alleviating the condition with urolithiasis and for wound healing.

The mushrooms are bent:

  1. strengthen immunity;
  2. remove toxins from the body;
  3. improve the digestive tract and restore digestion;
  4. lower cholesterol;
  5. fill the deficiency of B vitamins;
  6. reduce the risk of thrombophlebitis.

Bent mushrooms

The dangerous talker is whitened smaller than the talker bent, the color is whitish, the hat is powdery. Study the identification guide, the talker is whitened by the deadly.

The dialect is whitened

A mature talker bent resembles a giant talker, but a similar mushroom of larger size, without a hill in the center of the hat. A giant dialect is eaten, but it is worse in gastronomic qualities.

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