Berries in the swamp | What berries are growing in the swamp | Photos and names

Surely each of us at least once in our lives ate berries collected in the swamps. Unlike not very friendly swampy territories, berries and plants have a quite aesthetic appearance and are used not only in the food industry, but also in medicine, cosmetology and for treatment, the prevention of many diseases. For many, the collection of ripe berries is the main source of income.

Common berries

Among the large number of berries that gather in swamps of different types, the following are the most popular and purchased.


The people are called cranberry cranes or red. Translated by this word means a sour swamp ball. You can find plant berries in the area of ​​horse and transition swamps. The most favorable condition for the germination of the bush is the presence of a young yellowish sphagnum, which grows in the form of a continuous carpet.

The crop of the plant directly depends on the temperature indicators in the month of the previous year. The most optimal conditions are the presence of 9-9.5 degrees of heat. With a sharp change in temperature, the crop is minimized.

Cranberries are used in medicine as an anticysted agent, used for colds, rheumatism, tonsillitis, vitamin deficiency. In the food industry, juices, jelly, fruit drinks, kvass, liquor-vodka products are made from berries.


Blueberry is one of the delicious berries that has a blue color. It contains various acids, vitamins, pectin and tannins. The plant is coldresistant and matures by August month. Berries are widely used in the food industry and are sold in abundance in supermarkets and markets.


Brusnik berries have truly healing properties, namely: they ensure the strengthening of the body and its protection, are disinfectant, diuretic, are used in the treatment of gout, urinary system, stomach Qatar, neurosis and other diseases.

In the food industry from lingonberries make jam, fruit drinks, fillings for sweets.

Littleknown swamp berries

The following types of berries can also be found in the swamps:


Cloudberry is a plant that helps improve the condition of the digestive system, as well as used for cardiovascular diseases. Berries are used for the production of jam, juice, jam, compotes and other products.


Waterman in the berries there are tannins, resins, vitamins, carotene, benzoic and acetic acid. An excellent sedative, is also used for headaches, hypertension, metabolic disorders.

Blueberries are ordinary

Common blueberries used to increase visual acuity, reduce intraocular pressure. Has general strengthening, antioxidant, hemostatic and antienemic properties. The most popular way to use berries is the adoption of canned berry extracts.

CLUSSIA (Princess)

On the territory of the swamps you can also find the berries of the princesses with red or purple color. Plant leaves are used in folk medicine. Princess infusions help reduce temperature, inflammatory processes in the throat and oral cavity.

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