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The sweetest representative of the bear. In another way, a big panda was nicknamed Bamboo Bear. In China, Panda is called Bey Shung, which means translated «polar bear». This spotted representative is one of the most ancient animals. The most revered predator of China became the national treasure of the Chinese Empire. Fluffy white bear with black and white fur is similar to a plush teddy bear, due to which it became very recognizable. Bay Shung could not determine the birth affiliation of Bay Shung, since this miracle-star adopted the external features of both raccoon and predatory bear. Western scientists discovered Panda only in 1896.

White Bear has a large head and massive fluffy body. His paws are short, but endowed with sharp claws. Bamboo bear is a big animal. Its dimensions reach up to 2 meters, and the average weight is 130 kilograms. A special panda tool is his additional finger, which helps him deftly deal with bamboo stems. The structure of the panda jaw differs from ordinary bears. Her mouth is equipped with wide and flat teeth. Such teeth help Pande chew a hard bamboo.

Types of large pandas

Like most animals, pandas have their differences. Only 2 species that have survived to this day are widespread:

Ailuropoda melanoleuca. This species can only be found in the province of Sichuan (China). Large bears have a typical black and white color;

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis. The difference between pands of this type is the special color and small size. The wool of this bear has brown spots, instead of the usual black. You can meet these pandas only in the qinlin mountains located in the western part of China. The color is explained by the mutation of the gene and a feature of the diet in this territory.



Big Pandas prefer a vegetarian diet. Despite its belonging to a predator, the basis of their diet consists of plant foods. As a rule, the largest delicacy associated with the life of this sweet beast, – Bamboo stems.

They eat him in incredible quantities. There are as many as 30 kilograms of bamboo per panda. For lack of bamboo, big bears do not mind at the same to eat other plants or fruits. Sometimes a panda can be found for eating insects, fish and other small mammals.


The breeding period of bamboo bears is episodic in nature. Pairs are formed only at the time of mating. Mama-panda bears the baby for 6 months, after which only one cub is born. Kid Panda is born in a specially sweat from a bamboo stalks. Pandas are born completely crumbs. The average body length of newborns is 15 centimeters, and they weigh no more than 16 grams.

Bear cubs are born purely white, blind and helpless creatures. But literally a month later, the kids are strong and the color of an adult panda is acquired and acquire. Females are excellent mothers for their children. They spend all the time next to the offspring. Only after a year and a half, large pandas come off from their mother, and gain the ability to live on their own.

Life and model of behavior

Despite its cute appearance, Panda is an extremely secretive animal. This species prefers complete solitude. It is not surprising that they learned about the existence of pands relatively recently.

Panda is a very arrogant representative of the Chinese fauna. The behavior traces calm disposition and judgment. However, do not forget that panda is treated with predators, so it is better to avoid meeting this amazing beast in the wild.

Observing this animal, we can decide that its leisurely is associated with laziness. But since their diet consists mainly of plant foods, they spend the existing supply of energy very economically. Panda is activated only in the morning and evening. In the afternoon she prefers to rest. White bears lead a lonely lifestyle. If females spend time with offspring, then males are always on their own. Panda does not fall into winter hibernation, like her relatives. With the onset of cold weather, the animal moves to places with a warmer climate.

White pandas, they are shungi, extremely silent. Quite rarely you can hear their voice, which is more reminiscent of bleating.


At least panda relate to predators, but as such it does not have. However, the greatest danger to this peaceloving animal is traditionally human activity. With its amazing appearance, panda is attracted by increased interest, in particular, the skin of a white bear costs crazy money.

Love to use bamboo cubs for entertainment. They are caught for demonstration in zoos.

The average life expectancy is 20 years. In the zoos, this representative of the bear can live up to 30 years. For example, Panda of the Beijing Zoo lived record 34 years.

The status of the species

Panda is listed in the International Red Book due to its extremely small population. The number of pandas barely reaches 2000 types.

Being a national treasure of China, for the murder of this sacred animal you can get a life sentence, and often the death penalty.

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