Birds with crest on head: photo and description, types of birds with crests

All birds look stylish. Feathers of different colors, textures, and shapes. A crest, in some cases called a crown, is a group of feathers that some species of birds wear on the crown. Five feathers can move up and down or constantly be directed up, depending on the type. For example, cockatoo and hoopoe raise the crest and lower them down, but the crowned crane’s feathers are strictly in one position. Crows and crests wear birds around the world, used for:

  • attracting a partner;
  • intimidation of rivals/enemies.

Unlike decorative feathers that the male bird demonstrates during the breeding period, the crest remains on the head for a whole year.

Upupa epops

Podiceps cristatus

Himalayan monal

The mallard pigeon (Nicobar pigeon)

Sagittarius serpentarius

Cacatua alba

Tauraco persa

Chrysolophus pictus

Balearica regulorum

Goura victoria

Bombycilla garrulus

Emberiza rustica

Garrulus glandarius

Vanellus vanellus

Galerida cristata

Opisthocomus hoazin

Cardinalis cardinalis

Aythya fuligula

Parus cristatus

Other birds with a crest on the head

Synthliboramphus wumizusume

Tadorna cristata


Buteogallus coronatus

Crested Duck


Dogs and cats sometimes raise the fur on their backs when alarmed or frightened by enemies, birds also raise the feathers on their heads and necks when nervous. This behavior sometimes makes it difficult to determine whether the feathers are crested or not. Just as people differ from each other, and there is a saying that goes, “No two people are alike”, all bird species have amazing morphological differences, and many differences exist in crests. A bird with a crest is interesting to observe, but the crest also serves as a good indicator of the bird’s behavior as it conveys emotion.

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