Birds of Australia photo with names, list, pictures

There are many exotic animals in Australia, there are about 800 species of birds. There is an Australian quail belonging to the pheasant family. It feeds on caterpillars, worms and even plant parts. There is also one of the most beautiful representatives of the fauna in the world a peacock. His tail, which unfurls for dancing during the mating season, is 150 centimeters long. The continent is also inhabited by anatids such as the spotted duck. Their plumage is either black or of a similar color with speckles. However, there is an Australian shelduck with orange feathers.

Ocellated chicken

australian quail

common pheasant

common peacock

Half-fingered goose

paddle duck

spotted duck

Other birds of Australia

Canadian goose

Australian shelduck

new zealand shelduck

maned duck

Australian broadleg

chestnut teal

Royal albatross

australian pelican


Ostrich Emu

shrub bigfoot

australian duck

Magellanic penguin

Australian brown hawk

black cockatoo

gouldian finches

helmeted cassowary


Black Swan


Bird Lyra or lyrochist

Bluebearing Olush

Red Flamingo

Bird Paradise Bird Victoria

Ibis scarlet

African ostrich


Australia has many birds that amaze with their beauty. Here lives a chestnut chirok, who loves coastal zones and salty ponds. This species is omnivorous, lives constantly in one place and does not make flights. You can also find a representative of the albatosov royal albatros here. On the mainland, Emu ostrich also lives, the mass of which can reach 60 kg, and growth more than half a meter. It is interesting that animals do not have sexual dimorphism and it is impossible to find out the floor with the exception of the marriage time.

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