Birds of Mexico photos and names | List of birds of Mexico

Mexico is a country with impressive natural diversity. On its territory there are desert and semi-desert flat areas, swampy tropics, mountain ranges. The country is rich in a huge number of representatives of flora and fauna, in particular its feathered representatives.

More than a thousand species of birds of various genera and families live here. There are water, sea, singing, predatory, nonlethal and many other birds. There are quite rare representatives. For example, Quasar is a very beautiful and unusual bird, which has become a symbol of freedomloving Mexico. And in ancient times, among the Indians of the Mayan tribe, he was completely considered sacred.

Harring throat

Ringe throat

American front

Red-eyed cow troupial

Colored mask trupial

Big-tailed grackle

mexican falcon

Red-faced Amazon

Red-black piranga

Other birds of Mexico

brown-winged chachalaka

White-browed warbler


Big pitanga

big tail trogon

Melanerpes woodpecker

great egret

Turkey vulture


green kingfisher


Red-eared parrot

Brown-cap momot

Jamaican Aratinga

Striped Oryturus

red macaw

black penelope

mountain crux

California crested quail

Reddish (woodpecker) poison dart frog


white-necked loon

black-billed loon

Wilson’s storm-petrel

dark-backed albatross

White-necked typhoon

black phoebe

crested flycatcher 

Tyrann Rogue

Carolina grebe

Grey-cheeked grebe

Texas royal tyrant

Red-billed phaeton

red-tailed phaeton


brazilian yabiru

American beak


Mexico has many environmental problems that adversely affect the diversity and number of birds. Urbanization, large-scale deforestation, air and water pollution this is an incomplete list of factors unfavorable for nature. It is remarkable that reserves have been created in Mexico and quite successfully protect birds from extinction. Some of them are even under the protection of UNESCO, for example, the Sian Kaan nature reserve on the Yucatan Peninsula. Hunting and fishing activities in such places is prohibited by law.

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