Birds of New Zealand photo, names and description

There are no predators in New Zealand and this has saved a lot of birds. Mostly birds live in rainforests, where they are well provided with food. There are several types of kiwi, which is not found anywhere else in the world. Also here you can meet various representatives of the duck and swan family. Among them are a black swan and a blue duck. There are songbirds here too. For example, individuals of the honeyeater family that feed on honey, berries and insects. One of the most famous night birds, the kakapo, also lives here.


Hueca shepherd

mountain jumping parrot

Red-fronted jumping parrot

Yellow-fronted jumping parrot

white-winged penguin

yellow-eyed penguin

Crested thick-billed penguin


Big gray kiwi

small gray kiwi

kea parrot


Birds of New Zealand are endemic, preferring a solitary lifestyle. This is a place where several species of penguins and kea live, which has an aggressive character. These birds and others like her prefer to feed on cockroaches and worms, that is, they are omnivores. In this country, large flightless birds, such as kakapo and takahe with representatives of anseriformes, are in perfect harmony with each other. So, the birds from this country are amazing and 21 species are listed in the Red Book as rare they are not found anywhere else.

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