Birds of swamps of Eurasia and the world | Photos and names of marsh birds

No matter how frightening the swamps, there are areas that simply cannot be ignored. Despite the scary tales and legends about swamp monsters, tourists visit thousands of places with extremely high humidity every year. Moreover, today you can see an exciting tour of swamps and imbued with the enchanting atmosphere of the terrain, as well as take photos of unique animals and birds. No matter how dangerous the place, birds will always find a way to settle there and get used to it.

Swamp Conquerors

Not everyone manages to adapt to an unusual habitat. Birds – these are unique individuals who easily coped with the development of swampy terrain.

The most popular inhabitants are the following birds:


Bittern – birds belong to the heron family. They are perfectly camouflaged in thickets of reeds, they can easily stretch their heads and necks, looking around. Sometimes people do not notice the birds, even looking at them point-blank. In appearance, these are unsightly and bony individuals, having a frightening appearance in anger. Bitterns are born with a sharp beak, bug-eyed and make hissing sounds.


Snipe – birds have a bright color and have extraordinary dexterity. Hunters rarely manage to shoot a flying swaying zigzag. The bird has a long beak, but weighs no more than a chicken.


Plover – birds grow in size a little more than starlings; have a short beak, small and crooked legs, but they are very dexterous and fast.

marsh sandpiper

marsh sandpiper – elongated neck, beak and legs – distinctive features of this bird species. Feathers have a yellowish-red feather color.

wading duck

wading duck – has a wide streamlined body, a flattened beak, webbed feet and unusually beautiful plumage.

short-eared owl

short-eared owl – birds have brown-yellow plumage, black beak. Their body length rarely reaches more than 0.5 meters.


ptarmigan – fragile individual with small eyes and a small head, short legs and soft feathers.


Heron – the most beautiful bird, possessing dexterity, grace and excellent disguise.


Stork – distinctive features of birds of this species – thin long legs, large beak. Thanks to their huge split wings, storks can quickly reach their destination.

Common cranes can also be found in swamps. Black grouse and capercaillie live in some regions.

gray crane

black grouse


Unusual inhabitants of the swamps

The most striking and interesting birds are the blue-and-yellow macaw parrot, flamingo and marsh harrier.

blue and yellow macaw


Marsh harrier

They belong to exotic birds, but are often found in Eurasia. No less interesting specimens are the warbler and the shepherd – small water birds listed in the Red Book.


shepherd boy

Other wetland bird species

In addition to the above inhabitants of the swamps, birds such as great snipe, medium and large curlew, godwit, pipit and coinage can also be found on the sites.

Great snipe






Very often, populations replace each other due to competition, while other species disappear due to difficult living conditions.

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