Birds of the Hawki family a list with photos and names of birds of prey

Hawks are a large and diverse group of birds of prey, are found on all continents, except for Antarctica. Birds hunt during the day. They use acute vision, hooking beaks and sharp claws to hunt, catch and kill prey. Hawks eat:

  • insects;
  • small and medium mammals;
  • reptiles;
  • amphibians;
  • cats and dogs;
  • other birds.
  • There are many types of hawks that are divided into four groups:

  • Kanyuki;
  • quails;
  • black kite;
  • Moon.
  • Classification is based on the type of poultry body and other physical characteristics. Females are larger than males.

    Australian brown hawk


    African small quail

    African SIP

    African grouse

    BlueBrush Orlan

    Whiteheaded eagle

    Whiteheaded SIP

    Whitefingered Orlan

    Bengal vulture

    Snow vulture

    Black vulture

    African eared vulture

    Indian eared vulture

    Palm bar

    Golden eagle

    Combat Eagle

    Steppe eagle

    Kafra eagle

    Cleaning eagle

    Silver eagle

    Other birds of the hawk family

    Running eagle

    Philippine eagle

    Black Hermit eagle




    Indian hawk eagle

    Hawning eagle

    Moluccan eagle

    Marsh harrier

    Meadow moon

    Field Moon

    Peege Lun

    The steppe moon

    Bearded man

    Brown vulture

    Ordinary vulture


    Indian patron

    Small blur

    Big blurry

    Turkestan Tuvik

    European Tuvik

    Spanish burial ground

    Burial ground

    Korshun Svistun

    Blackwinged smoky kite

    Black smoky kite

    Shirled kite

    Brahminsky Korshun

    Red kite

    Black kite

    Madagascar shortwinged Sarych

    Redtailed Sarych

    Hawkman Sarych

    Madagascar hawk

    Bright hawk

    Dark singing hawk



    Cuban hawk

    Small quail

    Road Kanyuk

    Galapagos Kanyuk

    Mookhnogoi Kanyuk

    Desert Kanyuk

    Rock Kanyuk

    Fish kanyuk

    Svensonov Kanyuk

    Ordinary kanyuk

    Hawkish kanyuk

    Mookhnogoi Kurgannik


    Novogvinean harpi

    Guyan Harpy

    South American Harpy

    Public Korshun-Slavic





    Crested anxist


    The size of the body, the length and shape of the wings are different, as well as colors with combinations of black, white, red, gray and brown. Birds pass color phases with growth, teenagers do not look like adults.

    Hawks are sitting on telephone columns or circling over the fields in search of prey. They live in places with a lot of trees, but sometimes nesting next to houses. Since most types of hawks are big, people think that these are eagles. However, the eagles have heavier bodies and massive beaks.

    Problems arise when hawks attack prey in the yards, damage property and aggressive in the places of nesting.

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