Birds of the Taiga photos and names, a list with a description | taiga birds

white goose

The white goose has spread to two continents at once. Most often they are found in the northern regions of Canada, as well as in the northwest of Greenland. On the territory of Eurasia, they did not spread in the taiga. These birds weigh about 3 kilograms. As a rule, males are much larger than females. The population of this species is fairly stable. However, back in the 20th century, their number was greatly reduced, which was associated with mass hunting and climatic fluctuations.

Canadian goose

Canada goose, as the name suggests, has spread to Canada. However, it can also be found in Alaska and on the territory of the Leningrad region of Eurasia. They prefer to live near ponds and rivers. These birds reach a body length in the range of 90 to 100 centimeters with a weight of up to 6 kilograms. Canada goose make deep two-syllable sounds while flying.

red-tailed hawk

The main habitat of the red-tailed buzzard is considered to be North and Central America. They spread in forests that border open areas, as well as in deserts and prairies with woody plants. Birds of this species reach a body length of up to 59 centimeters. In the range, about 14 subspecies are distinguished, which differ in color.


These birds are one of the largest representatives of Eurasia. A bird can reach a body length of about 1.1 meters weighing up to 6.5 kilograms. Females differ in that they weigh no more than 2 kilograms.  Capercaillie belong to the grouse subfamily. They settle in mountainous spaces, as well as in forests with moist soil. These birds prefer a sedentary lifestyle.


Nutcrackers spread in the taiga forests of Asia and Europe. These are rather small birds with a body length of up to 30 centimeters and a weight of up to 190 grams. They are endowed with dark plumage with white spots, as well as a long and thin beak. These birds feed mainly on pine nuts, as well as various acorns, seeds and berries. Can consume insects and small vertebrate mammals.

West Siberian Eagle Owl

The West Siberian Eagle Owl is a partially sedentary bird, but it is also characterized by long migrations, which this eagle owl makes regularly. They are found on the territory of Karelia, the Bashkir steppes, the Caspian Sea and the upper Mezen basin. In the summer, these birds feed mainly by mouselike rodents, and in the winter season they switch to hares and small birds.

virgin eagle owl

This representative is found in North and South America. This is a migratory bird that lives in the northern regions, but migrates south during periods of extreme cold. They are found almost everywhere, from dense forests to deserts. Some individuals are found in city parks. Virginian eagle owls are one of the largest owls in the New World.

Schur (male)

Schura are small songbirds. As a rule, adults do not exceed 25 centimeters of body length with a weight of no more than 60 grams. They are distinguished by their dense physique and short, slightly curved beak. These birds are found in the forests of Asia, America and Europe. As an environment, forests and copses are preferred, which are located near water bodies and rivers.

black woodpecker

The black woodpecker is a rather large representative of the woodpecker family. It is called “yellow” in another way. It has a number of distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other woodpeckers. They are found almost everywhere in Europe. However, the southern regions are avoided. They lead a predominantly solitary life and may migrate during the cold season.

three-toed woodpecker

The key feature of this woodpecker is the lack of red color in the plumage. The woodpecker of this species is covered with white and black plumage. It is also distinguished by the presence of only three fingers, for which it received the name “three-fingered”. You can meet him on the territory of Northern Eurasia and North America. There are about 8-11 subspecies of these woodpeckers.

Other birds of the Taiga

Rough-legged Owl

The Rough-legged Owl is a relatively small bird, which is distinguished by a large head, as well as a pronounced facial disc. These birds reach a size of about 27 centimeters in body length with a weight of no more than 190 grams. The diet of owls consists mainly of small forest animals. They are found in coniferous and mixed forests.

hawk owl

The hawk owl is a small bird that is slightly larger than the average pigeon. It reaches a body length of up to 41 centimeters with a weight of no more than 400 grams. The appearance is represented by a dense physique and a large head with a weakly expressed facial disc. It is found in the forests and taiga of Eurasia and North America. On the territory of Eurasia, it spread along the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, as well as in Kamchatka and Altai.

White Owl

The Snowy Owl is also known as the Snowy Owl. It is distinguished by its completely white plumage and is the largest representative of its kind. You can meet him only at the North Pole (animals of the North Pole), where she has established herself as a dangerous predator. Due to the special structure of the feathers, the snowy owl can fly as quietly as possible.

Great Gray Owl

The Great Gray Owl has the appearance of a large gray owl with characteristically fluffy and dense plumage. This name was formed due to the dark area under the beak, which resembles a beard. You can meet her in Alaska and Canada. It is also widespread in the central strip of the European part of Eurasia, in particular on Sakhalin and Siberia.


Gogol is a small duck that has spread widely throughout Eurasia and North America. The body length of goldeneye ranges from 42 to 50 centimeters with an average weight of 1 kilogram. These birds are rather small and nest in hollows. They are also tied to bodies of water. In terms of nutrition, they are typical predators that consume invertebrates.

bald eagle

The bald eagle is a rather rare feathered bird that forms large aggregations of several individuals of the species. In size, bald eagles can reach a length of 0.7 to 2 meters with a weight ranging from 3 to 6.5 kilograms. The diet of these birds is represented by medium-sized game, as well as a large number of fish. Do not disdain bald eagles to select prey and eat carrion. You can meet them in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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