Black book of extinct animals list, photo and description

There are a huge number of living creatures on Earth, even the most remote and inaccessible corners. Most of them have existed for centuries, experiencing natural disasters, recovering or evolving. As new territories are developed by man, his actions inevitably lead to changes in the natural habitat of representatives of the local fauna. Due to rash, and in most cases of frankly barbaric actions, there is a death of animals, birds and fish. In some cases, all representatives of a certain type die, and he receives the status of an extinct.

Stellers of Cormlan

An ignorant bird living in the Commander Islands. Differed in large sizes and coloring of feathers with a metal tint. Lifestyle is sedentary, the main type of food is fish. Data about the bird is very scarce due to a very limited habitat.

Giant fossa

Predatory animal living in Madagascar. The phossa currently has a larger size and mass. Body weight reached 20 kilograms. In combination with a quick reaction and running speed, this made a giant phossa an excellent hunter.

Stellerov cow

Water mammal animal living near the Commander Islands. Body length reached eight meters, average weight 5 tons. Food of the animal vegetable, with a predominance of algae and sea cabbage. Currently, this species is fully exterminated by a person.

Dront or Dodo

An uncleaning bird living on the island of Mauritius. Distinguished by a awkward body and beak of a specific form. Without serious natural enemies, the driers were very gullible, as a result of which, they were completely exterminated, reaching their habitats, a person.

Caucasian bison

A large animal living in the mountains of the Caucasus until the beginning of the 20th century. Was completely destroyed as a result of uncontrolled poaching hunting. Scientists and enthusiasts were laid for a lot of works to restore the population of the Caucasian bruise. As a result, at the moment, there are hybrid animals in the Caucasus Reserve, as similar to the exterminated bruise.

Mauritian Chubly Parrot

Large bird living on the island of Mauritius. Most of other parrots differed in an enlarged head, crest and dark color. There are assumptions that the chubby parrot did not have outstanding flight qualities and spent most of his time on trees or land.

Redhaired Mauritian shepherd

An uncleaning bird living on the island of Mauritius. Bird growth did not exceed half a meter. Her feathers were painted in a reddish color and looked more like wool. The shepherdess was distinguished by delicious meat, because of which it was quickly exterminated by people who reached the habitat.

Transcaucasian tiger

The animal lived in the Central Asian region and the mountains of the Caucasus. From other types of tiger, it was distinguished by saturated fiery red wool and strips with brown tint. Due to the secretive lifestyle and the inaccessibility of habitats, it has been studied quite weakly.

Zebra Kvagga

An animal that had a typical coloring of a zebra and an ordinary horse at once. The front of the body was striped, and the back was bay. Kvagga was successfully tamed by a person and was used for cattle grazing. Since the 80s of the 20th century, attempts have been made to withdraw a hybrid animal, as similar as possible to Kvagaggu. There are positive results.


This is a primitive bull with horned horns. The last representative of the species died in 1627. Was distinguished by a very strong physique and great physical strength. With the advent of cloning technologies, there is an idea to create a clone of a tour based on DNA mined from bones.


There were two subspecies of Tarpan forest and steppe. Is a “relative” of modern horses. Lifestyle social, as part of the herd. Successful work is currently underway to remove the most similar animals. For example, in Latvia, there are officially about 40 similar individuals.

Abingon ivory turtle

Land tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. Has a life expectancy for more than 100 years in the wild and almost 200 when maintaining in artificial conditions. This is one of the largest turtles on a planet with a mass that reaches 300 kilograms.

Martinic Ara

The bird lived on the island of Martinik and studied very little. The only mention of it is dated the end of the 17th century. Not a single fragment of the skeleton has still been found! A number of scientists believe that the bird did not represent a separate species, but was a kind of feat of blue-yellow ara.

Golden toad

Live in a very narrow area of ​​tropical forests of Costa Rica. Since 1990, it has been considered an extinct look, but there are hopes that individual representatives of the species are still preserved. It has a bright golden color with a reddish tint.

Other Black Book animals

Bird MOA

A huge bird, up to 3.5 meters high, living in New Zealand. MOA is a whole detachment in which there were 9 types. All of them were herbivores and ate leaves, fruits, as well as shoots of young trees. Officially died out in the 1500s, but there are unconfirmed certificates of meeting with the birds of the MOA in the early 19th century.

Winging Gagar

An ignorant bird, the last meeting with which was recorded in the middle of the 19th century. A typical habitat hardtoreach rocks on the islands. The foundation of the winged gagga fish. Completely destroyed by a person due to outstanding taste.

Passenger pigeon

Representative of the Golubny family, characterized by the ability to make nomads over long distances. The wandering pigeon is a social bird holding on flocks. The number of individuals in one pack was huge. In general, the total number of these pigeons in better times made it possible to give them the status of the most common bird on earth.

Caribbean seal

Seal, with a body length up to 2.5 meters. Color brownish with a gray tint. A typical habitat the sandy shores of the Caribbean, the Mexican Gulf, the Bahamas of the Bahami Islands. The main part of the power was fish.

Vorsesite three percent

Small bird, similar to quail. Was widespread quite widely in Asian countries. A typical habitat is open spaces with a thick shrub or forest edges. Had a very secretive and secluded lifestyle.

Sairy wolf

Mammal animal living in Australia. Was considered the largest of marsupial predators. The population of the marsupial wolf due to the whole complex of reasons has decreased so much that there is reason to assume complete extinction. However, there are modern unconfirmed facts of meeting with individual individuals.

Cameronic black rhino

Is a large strong animal with body weight up to 2.5 tons. A typical habitat African savannah. The population of black rhinos is reduced, one of his subspecies was officially declared extinct in 2013.

Rodriguez parrot

Bright bird from the Maskaren Islands. Information about him is extremely few. It is only known about the red-green color of feathers and a massive beak. Theoretically had a subspecies that lived on the island of Mauritius. At the moment, there is not a single representative of these parrots.

Mika’s crested dove

Officially declared extinct at the beginning of the 20th century. Birds of this species lived in New Guinea, being a source of food for the local population. It is believed that the artificial settlement of the territories with cats led to the extinction of the crested pigeon.

Heather grouse

A bird, the size of a chicken that lived on the plains of New England until the 1930s. As a result of a whole complex of causes, the population of birds decreased to a critical level. To save the species, a reserve was created, but forest fires and severe frosty winters led to the death of all heather grouse.

Falkland fox

Little Lisitsa, who lived exclusively in the Falkland Islands. The main food of the foxes was birds, their eggs and carrion. When mastering the islands by people, the foxes were shot, as a result of which the species was completely destroyed.

Taiwanese smoky leopard

This is a small predator weighing up to 20 kilograms, which spent most of his life on the trees. The last representative of the species was seen in 1983. The cause of extinction was the development of industry and deforestation. Some scientists believe that in certain territories of the habitat, several individuals of this leopard may have been preserved.

Chinese junny

The largest freshwater fish up to three meters long and weighing up to 300 kilograms. Separate unconfirmed certificates speak of individuals seven meters long. Veslonos lived in the Yangtsy River, periodically swimming in the yellow sea. At the moment it is not known about any living representative of this type.

Mexican grizzly

Is a subspecies of a brown bear and lived in the United States. Mexican Grisli a very large bear with a distinctive “hump” between the shoulder blades. Its color is interesting-in general, brown, it could vary from light golden to dark yellow shades. The latest individuals were seen in Chiuaa in 1960.


Is a genus of Lemurov who lived in Madagascar. This is a large primacy, with body weight up to 60 kilograms. Lifestyle paleopropithecus is predominantly wood. There is an assumption that he almost never went down to the ground.

Pyrenee Capricorn

Lives on the territory of Spain and Portugal. It was previously widespread throughout the Pyrenee peninsula, however, as a result of hunting, the number of species has decreased to a critical value. Now it occurs at altitudes up to 3,500 meters above sea level.

Chinese river dolphin

How the species was open relatively recently in 1918. A typical habitat Chinese rivers Yangtze and Qian. Differs in poor vision and developed echolocation apparatus. Dolphin declared extinct in 2017. Attempts to find surviving individuals were unsuccessful.


An uncleaning bird living in Madagascar until the middle of the 17th century. Currently, scientists periodically discover the eggs of these birds that have survived to this day. Based on the analysis of DNA obtained from the shell, it can be said that epiarnis is the ancestor of the modern kiwi bird, which, however, has much smaller sizes.

Balian tiger

This tiger was very modest in size. The length of the fur was much smaller than other representatives of tigers. The color of the wool is classic, bright orange with transverse black stripes. The last Balian tiger was shot dead in 1937.

Hubogrudic kangaroo

This animal looks more like a rat, whose family belongs. Hubogrudny Kangaroo in Australia. Was a small animal, with a body weight of only one kilogram. Most distributed on plains and sandy ridges with the obligatory presence of a dense shrub.

Berberian lion

This subspecies of Lviv was quite widespread in North Africa. He was distinguished by a thick mane of dark color and a very strong physique. This was one of the largest lions in the modern history of animal study.


In many cases, the death of the fauna can prevent. According to average data, every day on the planet dies several species of animals or plants. In some cases, this is due to the natural processes that occur as part of the evolution. But more often the predatory actions of a person lead to disappearance. Only a careful attitude to nature will help stop the expansion of the Black Book.

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