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Black Kid (Lat. Milvus Migrans) represents a falconry squad and belongs to the Hawki family. This predatory bird is distinguished by its heatloving, so it spends winter in warm lands.


The size of the black kite varies in the range from 40 to 60 centimeters in length with body weight from 800 to 1200 grams. In his dimensions, he is not inferior to the crows. Massiveness is given by large wings, which are the same in size as the whole body, with a scale up to one and a half meters. The color of the plumage is mostly dark brown, which seems black at a distant distance. The head area has a grayish shade and contrasts slightly with the color of the entire plumage. Young individuals can be lighter in color. The legs are rather weak and short.

Black kite in flight

Black kite is distinguished by its expressive appearance. Because of his structure, it often looks aggressive. You can distinguish black kite even at a great distance. The most important characteristic feature is a flipped tail, which is on the same plane with wings during the flight. The tail performs the steering function in flight. You can also identify a kite according to its characteristic sound that resembles a trill.


Black kite is quite numerous with a wide habitat. It spread in Africa, in Madagascar, in Asia, in many island areas, in New Guinea and in North Australia. There is a black kite in Eurasia and in Ukraine. Prefers to settle in foreststeppes, rich rivers. These birds can often occur in floodplains of rivers and lakes. In nests they can live even in large cities. In the summer, they prefer to arrange nests in the branches of tall trees.


Black kite these typical predator that has good hunting skills. However, due to its resourcefulness, food sources can trace people and animals. There were curtains who tracked the fishermen who led them to fish places. Having found a place with enough food, black kite are in no hurry to hunt, they prefer to wait until they will remain something.

Black kite can eat various carrion and scum. As a rule, the largest percentage of their diet consists precisely precisely. Birds prefer not to hunt for large mammals, because because of the weak limbs, they may not cope with prey. The only victim that they can easily pick up are small fish.

The main animals that make up the diet of black kite: rodents, fish, amphibians, lizards, insects, worms and crustaceans. Most often, their production lives in rivers or next to them. For this reason, they prefer to populate territories with reservoirs, since it is easier to hunt and get their food there. Black kite prefer to extract broken animals, since they will need a minimum amount of effort to capture them.


The breeding period of black kite is marked with the arrival of spring. At this time, birds return after wintering back to their territory. The arrangement of nests occurs on trees in an altitude of about 10 meters. Choose the most deaf forest areas so that the nests are inconspicuous. Some individuals can organize nests on the rocks. In its size, the nest can reach a diameter of a meter. Birds prefer to nest in the same nests, until they at all become not suitable. Every year, birds are engaged in improving their nests. Various rags, garbage, branches and everything that can find nearby are used as materials.


The incubation period lasts about 4 weeks. There are 2-4 eggs in a white shell and brown spots in one masonry. Only the female is engaged. At this time, the male is busy with an active search for production.  Females are extremely careful during the hatching period. In case of outsiders appear, they can hide in the nests or soar in advance at a short distance from a potential enemy. When the female understands that her nest is in danger, he begins to attack. She dives menacingly and can jump with claws on her face.

Birds who live near cities can be attacked by people for no particular reason. Such aggressive black cakes live in India and Africa, in Russian latitudes they are calmer.

The chicks who were born have a brown or red color. In the nests, young animals behave aggressively. Chicks can fight each other, which sometimes leads to the death of one of the chicks. At the age of 5 weeks, young kite leave the nest, and make attempts to make their first flight. By the three months they become as large as adult birds. Departure to warm places begins in August and lasts until the end of autumn.

Black kite chicks


Black kite differ from many birds in that they often form colonies. They tend to soar for a long time, without making any waves wings. Most of the time they calmly soar in the air. Some birds can rise to a very large height that they can hardly be seen. The rest of the time is dedicated to searches for easy prey.

For these birds it is tending to decorate the place of their nests. Thus, they show their strength to other birds. In turn, the birds that have noticed this can arrange clashes with a black kite. Weak and sick birds prefer not to use any additional elements in the arrangement of the nest so as not to provoke other birds to fights.

Listen to the voice of a black kite

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