Black Panther photo and description of the animal where it lives and what eats, facts


A distinctive feature of this species consists in unique black color. To be more closely, then in color you can trace several black spots of various shade. Black Panther is not a representative of a separate kind, as a rule, this is a leopard or jaguar. Its color is due to a characteristic phenotype, which is a variant of the genetic mutation of the gene.

This predator has impressive dimensions: the body length varies from 90 to 160 centimeters depending on the species, and the average weight is 50 kilograms. The body has an elongated shape. The limbs are strong, which end with long paws with sharp claws. Massive head, with small ears located on the crown.

Jaw apparatus with a welldeveloped dental system endowed with powerful large fangs. The whole body is covered with hair. The tail can reach half the length of the entire size of the animal. The size of males exceeds females by more than 20%.

Types of black panther

Due to melanism, which means a special type of genes mutation, various representatives of the cat family become black panthers. There are 4 species that are found in the wild:

  • A lion;
  • Tiger;
  • Jaguar;
  • Leopard.
  • This color of the wool helps predators to remain invisible during hunting in the dark.


    The most popular region in which the gene mutation among species is common is Malaysia. There are more than 50% of cats representatives of the type of black panther. Also, black panthers spread for the most part in the mountainous region of Ethiopia and Kenya. Part of the mutated individuals found a refuge in Asia and South America.


    Like representatives of the cat family, black panthers predatory animals. Hunt mainly in large and small mammals. Even such large individuals as zebras, buffalo and antelopes can become their dinner. Thanks to their color and dexterity in the movement of trees, they easily find their prey. Can raid pets, for example, cows, sheep and horses. They prefer to wait for the victim in an ambush, and then slowly and imperceptibly, not close distance to. They kill animals by a strong bite in the neck, and then resting with the front paws on the ground and slowly eat prey.

    Black panthers can store the remaining meat, bringing the remains of the animal on a tree, where other predators will not reach them.


    Black panthers become sexually mature by 3 years. While in a warm climate, the reproduction period can last all year round. After conception, the female in an active search for a safe place for childbirth. As a rule, they choose gorges, caves or holes.

    The period of pregnancy can last up to 3.5 months. The female gives birth to an average of two cubs. Within 10 days, it does not depart from offspring, periodically feeding them with her milk. Before birth, the mother of the offspring actively stocks food in order to be able to eat during this period. Panthers extremely caring parents.

    When the kittens begin to grow stronger, the mother is always next to them, teaching them all the skills of survival in the wild. Only a year later the grown black panthers leave their mother and live on their own.

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