Black Sea Afalin from the Red Book Photos and Description, Report and interesting facts

Black Sea Afalin was included in the detachment of “whaling” class mammals. It belongs to one of the varieties of dolphins. The habitat of the Black Sea Afalina is the Black Sea and areas in the world ocean with warm waters. “Big Dolphin” this is the name of the Black Sea Afalin, and it is indicated in the classification by the name “Tursiops Truncatus”.

Appearance and features

Black Sea Afalin was ranked to the appearance of toothy whales. She has up to two hundred small conical teeth in her oral cavity. With the help of them, Afalin captures fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

The structure of the head of the Black Sea Afalina is specific:

  • an elongated muzzle with a frontal part, which hangs over it, a rounded nose;
  • The head is small, but the brain in the skull has a weight of 1700 grams;
  • The respiratory holes are located in the upper area of ​​the head.
  • The length of the body is from two to three and a half meters. Mass of adult Afalina 300 kilograms. The upper part is painted in dark gray or brown color, and the stomach is beige-white. Athalina has fins on the back, on the back and tail. The sounds made by dolphins have features: syllables and even phrases stand out in them.

    Lifestyle and reproduction

    Black Sea Afalins are combined into small groups, each of which performs its own functions. Basically, groups are formed by age. The largest males are leaders.

    At five to six years, Afalin is able to reproduce offspring. Mating occurs in the autumn and spring periods. For almost two weeks, the male extends the female: hesitates, swims around her, presses his head and strokes with fins.

    Pregnancy proceeds about a year. After the birth of the baby, the family rises with it to the surface of the water so that it swallows air. The cub is fed with milk for about eighteen months. After birth, within a month, a newborn may not sleep.

    Animals make sound signals for communication and ultrasound for orientation. They are socially conscious and emotionally worried about brothers.  Black Sea Afalina develops speed within fifty kilometers per hour, and her life expectancy is 25 years old.


    Afalins get their food mainly in the coastal zone, but sometimes they hunt at depths reaching more than a hundred meters. The ability to suspend breathing while moving at high speed, allows you to obtain food at a depth. Afalin includes in the diet:

  • mollusks;
  • octopus;
  • The tributary fish.
  • Black Sea Afalins go out to hunt. Adult dolphins eat up to 14 kg of food during the day.

    Interesting Facts

    1. Afalins in relation to a person show friendliness. There were cases when they saved people from the shark, surrounding it with all the flock and not letting the shark until the moment of salvation.
    2. Each of the animals has a name that is called relatives. Afalin has words, syllables and phrases in sound communication.
    3. Animals have weak vision, and hearing is unique: they perceive sound waves in a wide frequency range. Afalins have highly developed intelligence: they understand gestures, imitate a person’s movements, retain symbols in memory, recognize themselves in a mirror reflection.


    Afalins are exterminated by people, and also die, entangled in fishing nets. Fish fishing deprives them of full food. Reduce the life of Black Sea Afalina Slauders and clogging of sea and oceanic waters.

    Since 1966, the Black Sea Afalin was listed in the Red Book of Eurasia and introduced a ban on fishing.

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