Black Sea lauser (sea crucian carp) photo and description of how it looks and where it lives, what it eats and how it multiplies

Black Sea lauser, or sea crucian carp (lat. Diplodus annularis) this fish is a representative of a detachment of perch and family family.


The body of the fish is oval, the length is 15-30 cm. Fish weight varies from 100 to 200 g. The scales of the affection is silver. The spinal fin is solid and rather long. Next to him you can see a large spot of black. The mouth is slightly stretched, the lips are thin. There are 8 incisors on one jaw of fish and nonresistant chewing teeth, which, however, in a few minutes are able to grind the shells of mollusks.

The color of the affection is yellow, on the belly closer to beige. The back has a dark brown color. The anal fins have 2 rays that often injure fishing lovers.


In summer, fish are spent almost all the time in shallow water, and when the sea is calm and there is strong heat, they go to the open sea. Black Sea lauser lives at a depth of 2 to 300 m. These sea inhabitants love places with a sandy bottom and an abundance of vegetation. There are many of them on massive stones and piers.

Sea crucian carp spends all his life on the same site. Black Sea lauser lives for about 7 years.

Social structure

Young individuals often create groups and together migrate to places with the best feed base. But adult Laskiri lead a single lifestyle.

Where it lives

Lasker lives in the Black Sea, there are a lot of fish in the waters near Anapa and Adler. Ideal temperature for these marine inhabitants +11 degrees.


Black Sea lauser becomes sexually mature already at the age of the year. Most fish can easily determine the floor, but hermaphrodites are often found.

The breeding season starts in the summer. Pisces produce offspring near the coast, at a depth of several meters. The female makes masonry in the water column. A new generation is developing there. For the entire period of spawning, the female can postpone about 500 thousand eggs. Caviar is painted in red, which attracts the attention of many predators.

During the wedding period, Laskiri create couples that break up immediately after the female makes masonry. A few days later fry appear, they remain at the place of birth for about six months. They feed on algae. Fish grow quite slowly, so they often become victims of predators.

What baits are needed

Almost always, sea crucian carp is caught in mussels, sandwichs and shrimp with crayfish. You can use the meat of predatory fish.

For the best effect, it is worth using top dressing a mixture of several lures. It can consist of cereals, worms and shrimp, powdered milk and other edible bulk substances, from giblets and dry blood, derivatives. If there is no time to prepare the mixture, you can simply use mollusks, first crushing them. This can be done with the waste of the meat industry.

The most successful bait are fresh shrimp. To catch them, you need only a net dangled by small cells. It is better to catch shrimp in boulders, on which there are a lot of algae.

To catch a lot of shrimp, use the trawling method. Bend a rim of meter width wire. A bag of nets, whose length is less than 1.5 m, is attached to it. Meter ropes are tied to the edges of the arcs, whose edges are connected. The cable is tied to the ropes.

Shrimp to attract the attention of affection is better to catch at night. For visibility, fishermen carry a flashlight with them. The production itself will reach the source of light and it can be easily caught with the help of the trawl.

Choosing gear

When fishing on affectionate, both bottom and float tackle are suitable. If “hunting” is made on a cliff, then float tackle will suit better. If the fisherman has chosen a gentle shore, bottom devices will be the best choice.

You can choose not very strong tackle, because the fish has an average size. It is better to choose a fishing line no more than 0. 2 mm thick. Experienced fishermen use hook number 5, it should be quite long. Tackle is thrown somewhere 20-25 cm from the bottom. At this depth of fish is the most.

Catching with spinning

Many fishermen catch affection and spinning. Fishing rod in sea water use a quick system. The best peak in this case is solid. The friction is weakened so that the bait does not come off. Instead of the coil, multipliers should be used.

Where they catch affection

Black Sea Laskrya is caught only in the summer, because it is at this time of the year that he appears in the water column. If the weather is sunny and warm and autumn is nearing, fish can be caught by day and night. However, it is better to do this closer to evening or night by this time there are almost no people on the beach, and sea crucian carp uses freedom of movement, begins to gather in large groups. But in the afternoon, fish can be caught by underwater rocks or on a pier, but it is important to find secluded places.

It is best to arrange a “hunt” on the affection, of course, in the water area where mountain rivers flow. In these places, he begins to bite somewhere at 20 pm, individuals in these zones prefer shelling cancers. There is a chance to get a large catch of the same as in the open sea after a storm or in a few days in front of it the fish is very susceptible to weather changes.

Moreover, it is important that the lauser is a shy fish and, if, approaching the fisherman, he will hear some sounds or see it, he will immediately float. The fisherman also does not stand the sea crucian carp will definitely scare away.

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