Bluebearing Olush a photo of a bird where it lives, interesting facts


The most remarkable in this representative is blue paws with wide membranes. Color can change slightly from a bright blue shade to a grayish-blue. As a rule, this color ranges with age and health. The paws of males also have a slightly brighter color, compared to females. The color of the head and neck has brownish feathers with white spots. The wings differ in a darker shade of brown, and the entire lower body is painted purely white. This alternation of shades makes the “prickly” effect. The wings have an oval shape that is pointed at the end.

The bird is noteworthy and with its long beak, which has a grayish-green tint. The color of the eyes is yellow. The males have a small pigment spot in the eyes, which visually increases their size. In its parameters, the bird is quite overall. Her body size reaches 80 centimeters in length, and weight ranges in the region of 3 kilograms. Long life in captivity reaches 20 years.


The habitat of the Golvogoi Olushi extends from the coast of Western Mexico to the northwest side of South America. Many populations are located on the island of the Pacific Ocean in the area of ​​the tropical or subtropical climate. Most of the representatives of the Golubogoy Olushi spread to the Galapagos Islands. There are about forty thousand representatives of the species in total there. Some of the birds are in Ecuador and Peru. At the moment, only two subspecies of these birds are highlighted, which vary on the basis of the habitat.


Bluelegged boobs eat only fish. It allows them to produce a characteristic pigment called the picture. This pigment is the main reason for their blue paws. When they do not eat fish for a long time, the color of the paw begins to dull. The picture also has a positive effect on immunity and is a good antioxidant.

As a rule, bluish boobs feed on relatively small fish. For example, sardina or mackerel. Can even hunt for flying fish.


During the hunt, they prefer to gather in flocks. As a rule, they fly out closer in the evening or at sunrise. Birds are looking for prey in the air. The beak in flight is always below. Some boobs go to the seas for fish. If one bird from the pack finds prey in the sea, it gives a signal for the rest of the birds from the pack.

Bluelegged boobs are distinguished by their ability to dive to a greater depth. They can immerse up to 25 meters under water, and move there at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Eat birds on flocks on the sea surface.


Olushi sexually mature become at the age of three. The period of mating can occur at any time of the year, but the peak falls since the refrigeration of the Peruvian current, when the number of fish increases. Males attract females with their dances, as well as by demonstrating their blue paws. The final solution of the female depends on the brightness of the color, since it is determined by the nutrition and health of the male. When the couple are formed, they proceed to the formation of nests. They prefer to build nests in the soil in which they are made a small fossa and lined with branches and grass. The female lays up to 3 eggs, and hatches them for 45 days. It is noteworthy that the partners arise offspring in shift. The kids appearing are with parents up to 70 days. During this time, they feed them and teach them all the necessary skills.

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