Blue Lacy: characteristics of the dog breed, photo

Blue Lacy breed owes its appearance to Texas farmers. In the middle of the 19th century, large landowners, the Lacy brothers, began serious work on breeding the perfect shepherd dog. An impressive livestock population required serious protection coyotes dominated the region, and therefore the new breed had to become fast, like a greyhound, obedient and quick-witted, like a sheepdog, and hardy, like a wolf.

Blue Lacy

Characteristics Blue Lacy

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • The size: Average
  • Growth: 45–55 cm
  • The weight: up to 25 kg
  • Age: up to 16 years
  • FCI breed group: Not recognized

Brief information

  • Mobile and hardy;
  • Playful, sociable, easily finds contact with other animals;
  • Loving.

Character Blue Lacy

As a result of the long crossings of the Greyhound with the English Shepherd and the Coyote, it was possible to breed dogs similar to modern Blue Lacy. However, the brothers still had to go through a long series of weeding out dogs that did not show sufficient passion for the shepherd’s business.

Modern representatives of the breed are the best of the best. These are dogs capable of tirelessly gathering and leading a herd in any weather for hours, coordinating their actions with each other. Moreover, they have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, allowing them to feel the enemy at a great distance. Many owner-hunters use this quality to pursue the victim on a bloody trail.

Blue Lacy throughout their history lived in the house with the owner and spent a lot of time with the family, so they are not characterized by aggression towards humans. Moreover, these dogs, like many herding breeds, are able to find a common language with the household and treat children with tenderness. They are happy to take part in outdoor games that require ingenuity and care. At the same time, blue lacy are not capricious: once they have learned the discipline, they will never break it.

Blue Lacy training requires resourcefulness and assertiveness. In addition, dogs of this breed do not tolerate monotony and cruelty. Completely devoted to the owner, they painfully perceive screams and aggressive discontent. Blue Lacy was bred to be helpers capable of making decisions on their own, so they are very smart and, with the right approach, will quickly learn commands.

These friendly dogs get along well with other pets. Males in relationships occupy a dominant position, which must be considered when choosing a pet.


Blue Lacy’s coat is short and dense, shedding inconspicuously and requiring minimal grooming. You can clean it as needed with a wet cloth and a special brush to remove dead hair. Be sure to regularly cut the claws and brush your teeth.

Blue Lacy healthy breed with strong immunity. However, there are dogs suffering from follicular dysplasia a rare genetic disease of hair leading to their loss. It is important to learn from the breeder about the absence of a disease in the ancestors of the puppy.

Conditions of detention Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy needs a mobile lifestyle, including a variety of leisure options. Games, running, and searching for items are an integral part of the entertainment of these dogs. Otherwise, representatives of the breed will be lethargic and dull, which will entail a deterioration in health.

They can live in an apartment with sufficient physical and emotional activity.

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