Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog: description of the dog breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance Petstory


  • Country of Origin: UK
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    56-60 cm
  • The weight:
    23–42 kg
  • Age:
    up to 15 years
  • FCI breed group:
    herding and cattle dogs, except Swiss cattle dogs
  • Brief information

  • Kind, funny and absolutely non-aggressive dogs;
  • Adore children, excellent nannies;
  • Shepherd dogs, in the character of which service qualities are still traced.
  • Character

    Bobtail is an English shepherd dog breed known since ancient times. It is believed that these animals were brought to the UK from Eastern Europe, and their main relative is the South Russian Shepherd Dog. As a result of crossing the sheepdog with local shepherd dogs, the bobtail or, as it is also called, the Old English Sheepdog, turned out. Officially, the breed was presented at the exhibition only in 1865.

    Interesting origin of the name of the breed. “Bobtail” in translation from English literally means “stubby tail”. The fact is that in England the dog tax did not depend on the size of the pet, but on the length of its tail. To reduce this amount, shepherds bobtail owners stopped their tails.

    Bobtail breed representatives are one of the most goodnatured dogs in the world. Aggression of hundreds of years has been eradicated from their character, and today it is considered a vice and inconsistency with the standard. Bobtail will never attack the enemy, bite him or try to inflict injuries. He just has a different tactic. Dogs of this breed drive the aggressor into a corner and, as it were, fall on it, pressing to the ground. In this way, bobtails protected the herd of sheep from predators.

    Bobtails are smart, calm and very affectionate. In this case, in no case should you scream, and it should be scolded with caution. Owners do not get tired of surprising: pets seem to understand their speech. True, despite this, the beabtail cannot be trained, but you can deal with it. He does not accept rude treatment and commanding tone, but he will listen calmly and fulfill any request.

    Old English Sheepdogs love attention. Without communication and conversations, they become closed, unsociable, they may begin to yearn. These dogs behave like playful and energetic puppies even in old age.

    Representatives of the breed are distinguished by heroic patience and love for children. These dogs can be left with babies the bobtail will be a great nanny. He gets along quite well with animals, the main thing is to introduce the pets gradually.


    Bobtail has a long, thick and fluffy coat. Care must be appropriate. The dog needs to be combed with a massage brush every week, and once a month it is necessary to comb the coat well to avoid the formation of tangles.

    Often, animals have to be trimmed, because the hairs do not fall out during molting. Bathe bobtails infrequently, as needed.

    It is important not to forget to monitor the health of your pet’s teeth.

    Conditions of detention

    Bobtails feel great both in a city apartment and in a country house. They are not afraid of cold and perfectly tolerate heat thanks to a dense undercoat. It is recommended to walk bobtails two to three times a day for about an hour. These dogs do not require active runs and physical exercises, but they will be glad of an interesting game and exciting activity.

    Bobtail or Old English Shepherd: Description of the Dog breed, characteristics, photos, care rules and content petstory
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