Bombay cat breed: characteristics, photos, character, care and content rules


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    25-30 cm
  • The weight:
    3-6 kg
  • Age:
    15–20 years
  • Brief information

  • Outwardly, it looks like a panther black, graceful and predatory, but in fact a very calm, affectionate and playful cat;
  • He suffers loneliness heavily, but he will always find what to occupy himself in the absence of the owner;
  • Cats of this breed have not only spectacular appearance, but also developed intelligence.
  • Character

    Bombay cat should always be in the spotlight, take part in any business. She loves very much when she is held in her arms and stroked on the head. Loneliness does not suffer poorly because of this. This animal loves all family members, but considers one one as a real master.

    We can say that the bombing serves a person like a dog, and will always be a loving and devoted pet who will meet the master from work and adapt to his mood. By nature, bombing cats are very obedient, careful and attentive. They highly value the authority of the owner and will never enjoy him.

    These cats are easily socialized and will always find a common language with other pets in the house. And because of the nature of the leader and the desire to dominate, they will not retreat either before the aggressive courtyard cat or in front of a large dog, although they do not like conflicts. If new pets appeared in the house after Bombay, he will accept them, but they will have to follow the rules already established by him.

    These cats communicate very well with children: bombs will play with curiosity with them, forgive the pain caused by negligence, and if the child is not eager, they will simply move to the side, without responding with aggression for gross actions.

    Bombs feel comfortable in the presence of strangers: they will delight each guest kindly, but if they feel negative or aggression, they will immediately be alert.


    Bombay cats are very mobile and are usually in good physical shape. At the same time, they are indifferent to walks, preferring them to a warm and cozy master’s bed or their litter. To provide the pet with the necessary physical exertion, you can buy him a cat labyrinth, install a special house at a sufficient jump for jumping and fix the suspended toys. It is desirable that the owner himself sometimes takes part in games: this will strengthen the activity of the cat and give additional communication, which she will only be glad.

    The Bombay cat does not have a sense of proportion in food, so meals should be carefully controlled and not overfeeding the pet. It is enough to feed an adult cat twice a day.

    Bombay cat breed: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content petstory

    Bombing wool care is minimal: you just need to comb it several times a week with a special rubber glove the pet will only be happy about this.

    Representatives of this breed can often be watery, so they must be carefully monitored and washed with tea or special solution on the advice of the veterinarian.

    Conditions of detention

    The sleeping place of the Bombay cat should be in a secluded place so that it feels in complete safety. The litter should be quite large, because these animals prefer to sleep without curling up, but stretching out in full length. In this case, it is important for the cat to be next to family members, and therefore the bed should be located so that it is convenient to observe what is happening.

    Bombays are quite active cats, therefore, so that they do not get bored alone, they need to be provided with a sufficient number of toys: in this case, they will not entertain themselves first that will fall under the paw.

    Representatives of this breed are very fond of heat, which is why it is necessary to monitor the temperature regime in the apartment and, so that the animal does not catch a cold, not allow drafts.

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