Book of medicinal application in folk medicine and contraindications, description and photo

One of the healing plants that have a positive effect on the human body is the letter of the drug. The people also use other name, for example, motherboard, smoke, sage of field. The plant belongs to the family of clearminded and is a perennial. The medicinal letter can be found in the European part of the CIS, in Pamir and the Caucasus. A favorable condition for the growth of the plant is the loamy, slightly acidic soil of coniferous and mixed forests. In addition, the representative of the Family Family is located near the roads, between shrubs and thickets, as well as in meadows.

Description and chemical composition

It is very easy to find a medicinal letter during flowering. The peduncle can rise to a height to 100 cm. It has an apical colosshaped inflorescence. The plant has a tetrahedral stem, opposite leaves (the lower ones have an elongated-ovate shape, the upper ones are narrow, almost sessile). The flowers grow a purple-pink shade and consist of a two-way corolla. The letter blooms gradually, moving up. At the sight of the plant, it seems that the inflorescence is disheveled. The fruits of the letters are brown nuts located at the bottom of the cup in the amount of four pieces.

The rhizome of the herbal plant is short, honeycomb, when collecting it, in no case should it be pulled out of the ground, only carefully cut it off with scissors.

The main component of the letter of the medicinal is essential oil containing aromatic substances, namely: alcohols, aldehydes, phenols, terpena, ketones and other compounds. In addition, the plant is rich in resins, vitamins, alkaloids, proteins, calcium salts, tannins, flavonoids, pigments and other elements.

Therapeutic properties of the plant

One of the features of the letter is the suitability of all plant elements for the processing and manufacture of drugs. For example, roots and rhizomes are used as a laxative and gag. The decoction is also used to treat colitis, liver and kidney diseases, for nervous diseases, gastritis, poor appetite.

Infusions are shown to people suffering from cystitis, radiculitis, gout and neurosis. Funds based on the letter of the drug have a astringent, wound healing, soothing, hemostatic effect. The plant also helps to normalize metabolism, relieve nervous tension and is used for uterine bleeding, lung bleeding.

Elements of the plant should be used for gastrointestinal disorders, coughing, bronchitis and frequent headaches. Infusions of drugs of medicinal are choleretic and diuretics. Many folk healers recommend the use of plants in diseases of the respiratory tract of infectious origin, with a breakdown of forces, increased pressure and elderly people prone to atherosclerosis. The letter perfectly strengthens the body and improves the wellbeing of the patient.

In the case of a bite of rabid animals and longhealing wounds, the leaves of the letter can be adjusted to the destruction places.


There are cases in which the use of the plant is unacceptable, namely: hypotension and pregnancy. Under other circumstances, use drugs carefully, in no case exceeding the established dosage. The letter increases blood coagulation, as a result of which blood clots may form.

Treatment with the help of drugs based on a letter can be carried out with the help of tea from grass, infusions and decoctions of leaves, flowers and roots.

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