Brazil’s environmental problems in brief

Brazil is located in South America and occupies a significant part of the continent. There are significant natural resources not only on a national scale, but also on a global scale. This is the Amazon River, and humid equatorial forests, a rich world of flora and fauna. Due to the active development of the economy, the Brazilian biosphere is threatened by various environmental problems.


Most of the country is occupied by evergreen forests. More than 4 thousand species of trees grow here, and they are the lungs of the planet. Unfortunately, wood is actively cut down in the country, which leads to the destruction of the forest ecosystem and an ecological disaster. Populations of some species began to decline sharply. Trees are cut down not only by small farmers, but also by large corporations that supply timber to various countries of the world.

The effects of deforestation in Brazil are as follows:

  • biodiversity loss;
  • migration of animals and birds;
  • the emergence of environmental refugees;
  • wind erosion of soil and its degradation;
  • climate change;
  • atmospheric pollution (due to the lack of plants that carry out photosynthesis).
  • The problem of land desertification

    The second most important environmental problem in Brazil is desertification. In arid regions, the amount of vegetation decreases, and the condition of the soil deteriorates. In this case, the process of desertification occurs, as a result of which a semi-desert or desert may appear. This problem is typical for the north-eastern regions of the country, where the amount of vegetation is significantly reduced, and the areas are practically not washed by water bodies.

    Brazilian environmental problems in brief

    In places where agriculture is intensive, there is depletion and erosion of the soil, pesticide pollution and siltation. In addition, an increase in the number of livestock on farms leads to a decrease in wildlife populations.

    Environmental pollution

    The problem of biosphere pollution is relevant for Brazil, as well as for other countries of the planet. Intensive pollution occurs:

    Brazilian environmental problems in brief
  • hydrosphere;
  • atmosphere;
  • lithosphere.
  • Sources of environmental pollution are industrial enterprises, due to which emissions of harmful substances occur. They evaporate in the air, dissolve in water and settle in the soil layer.

    Far from all the environmental problems of Brazil are listed, but the main ones are indicated. In order to preserve nature, it is necessary to reduce the impact of human activities on nature, reduce the amount of pollutants and carry out environmental protection actions.

    Brazilian environmental problems in brief
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