Brazilian Terrier: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of origin: Brazil
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    36-41 cm
  • The weight:
    7–9 kg
  • Age:
    12–14 years old
  • FCI breed group:
  • Brief information

  • Active, needs physical activity;
  • National pride of Brazil;
  • Friendly, sociable.
  • Character

    The Brazilian Terrier, as you might guess, comes from Brazil. Together with another breed Fila Brasileiro they are the national pride of the country. The main ancestor of the Brazilian Terrier is called the Jack Russell Terrier, which was brought to Latin America in the 19th century. In addition, in their opinion, miniature pinschers and large chihuahuas also participated in the selection.

    Despite its popularity in its homeland, the Brazilian Terrier is not well known in the world. And in vain. Small dogs have a wonderful temperament and excellent working skills. They hunt both in a group and singly.

    Perhaps the most striking quality of the Brazilian Terrier is its agility. This is not just “energy”, but a real movement without stopping. The dog is ready to spend the whole day in the fresh air! Therefore, for inactive people, the Brazilian Terrier is not the best choice. Without exercise, the character of the dog deteriorates, it becomes discouraged and yearns.

    The real happiness for the Brazilian Terrier is his family. Friendly and affable dogs love to be the center of attention. However, the owner and the undisputed leader for them alone. It is his dog that will obey.

    Raising a Brazilian Terrier is not difficult, the main thing is to find an approach to the dog. Terriers love a variety of workouts. It is better to have frequent short sessions several times a day than one long one. So the owner will not lose the attention and interest of the pet.

    Despite the fact that the Brazilian Terrier is a dog of one owner, he is very loyal to children. It will support any game, running and pampering. Even in adulthood, the representatives of the breed show the habits of puppies.

    Brazilian Terrier: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance

    The Brazilian Terrier gets along quite well with other dogs in the house: after all, he knows how to work in a team. Conflicts can arise with cats and rodents the hunting instincts of the terrier affect. But, if the puppy appears in a house where there are already animals, there will be no problems.


    The Brazilian Terrier’s short coat does not require much grooming. It is enough to wipe the dog with a wet hand to remove the fallen hairs, and during the molting period with a massage brush. You should also pay attention to the hygiene of your pet’s teeth. Often they are a problematic place in representatives of small breeds.

    To keep your dog’s teeth and mouth healthy, give him special chew treats from time to time.

    Conditions of detention

    Potential owners of the Brazilian Terrier should be prepared for many hours of walking. This dog is a real source of energy. You can play sports with a pet, and don’t be confused by its size. This is one case where looks are deceiving.

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