Breed Portuguese water dog: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Portugal
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    43–57 cm
  • The weight:
    16–25 kg
  • Age:
    11–13 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Retrieves, spaniels and water dogs
  • Brief information

  • Another name is Kan di Agua;
  • Love to swim in reservoirs, including open ones;
  • Playful fidgets.
  • Character

    Portuguese water dog lived along the entire coast of Portugal and was used to drive fish on the network and return lost tackle. She acted as an intermediary between ships and the shore. Fishermen counted on shaggy “partners”, and they never let them down. Even in foggy weather, the dog notified its owner about the approach of the jamb to the shore.

    So it was until the 20th century, until technology and social changes threatened the very existence of the Portuguese water dog. The breed was on the verge of complete disappearance, when one Portuguese philanthropist in the 1930s decided to engage in its restoration. By the 1960s, it was already registered in the International Poganological Federation and in the English Club of Dogging.

    Today the Portuguese water dog belongs to the class of working rocks, but at the same time it is often started as a companion. Hardworking, responsive and loyal pets adore attention and are completely given to the family.

    The Portuguese Water Dog is not only for its mental abilities, but also by obedience. It is easy to train, even a child will be able to cope with learning the simplest teams. The pet of this breed always tries to please the owner.

    The Portuguese water dog is focused on a person and a family, which makes it an excellent companion. She requires attention and is ready to always share her love with loved ones. At the same time, sometimes representatives of this breed are very stubborn, the breeders notice. And if the owner did not prove himself as a leader, then the dog may claim the role of the head of the pack.

    Kan di Agua is good at children, but it is not recommended to leave the dog with the kids. Simply because it can be too active in her communication. But older children will become a real best friend.

    The sociable and cheerful Portuguese water dogs are happy to contact relatives and other animals. In the end, whether they put it or not, depends on the second participant in this “process”.


    The soft and thick wool of the Portuguese water dog practically does not sink, but it requires careful care. Some representatives of the breed owners make an unusual haircut leave the wool only on the head, chest and front paws. It turns out a distant semblance of a lion. Others are cut in a classic way, like any retriever.

    Portuguese water dog loves water, and it is not worth refusing it to this pleasure. It should be bathed monthly.

    Conditions of detention

    So that the sports and energetic kan di Agua is happy, it must be exhausted with physical exercises. These dogs love all kinds of games, alarm, Frisbee any occupation will surely appeal to them! But, of course, the most successful sport for them is swimming. So in the summer it is recommended to take a pet to a safe pond or sign up for a pool.

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