Breeds of hamsters with names and photos, how they look and what they eat | Types of hamsters

The Khomyakov family belongs to the rodent detachment. It includes 5 subfamilies (flights, hamsters, climbing hamsters, nonoxide hamsters, cottonhearted) and more than 580 species. Family representatives are small in body size. The length is from 5 to 36 cm, and the mass is from 7 g to 3 kg, depending on the type. The tail can be barely noticeable process, or exceed the body length of the hamster.

Lead a hamster of a different way of life: ground, underground, semiwater. Live mainly in natural areas as tundra, steppes, semideserts. In mountainous areas, they are also frequent inhabitants.

Dzungarian hamster

The furry hamster

Mouse hammer

Gunther Flight

Ekonoka flight

Prometheeva Flight

Syrian hamster

Hamster Radde

Hamster Newton

Other types of hamsters

Hamster Campbell

Roborovsky hamster

Ordinary hamster

Chinese hamster

Shorttailed hamster

Barabin hamster

Longtailed hamster

Gray hamster

Hamster Sokolov

Mongol hamster

Rat hamster

Angora hamster


Hamsters inhabit the whole North and South America. They live in Eurasia, but less often (for example, in Eurasia there are approximately 60 species of these animals). They can be found even less often in Africa. They are not in Antarctica and a number of islands.

Often are pests of agricultural land. Can also be carriers of various diseases (plague, tularemia and others). Some types of hamsters are domestic animals, for example, a Jungarian hamster or hamster Roborovsky. Although hamsters have an angry and somewhat malicious character. They can be greatly bite if they consider that they or their territory are in danger.

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