Bronze or Bronze Board photo and description

Bronze Bronze or Bronze Board (Bóletus aëReus) – This is a mushroom that belongs to the Belotov family and the genus of the Borovikov.


Borovik has a mediumsized bronze hat – Its diameter varies from 7 to 17 cm. The thickness of this part is approximately 2 cm. The hat has a hemispherical shape, painted in dark brown. Sometimes there are small white spots on the hat. In old mushrooms, this part is noticeably flattened, often in the middle you can find a recess. A thin film covers the hat on top. As the mushroom grows, the film cracks, grooves begin to appear on the hat. A distinctive feature of the booth – The fact that the hat is never covered with mucus.

Boar’s leg is thick, its parameters – 12 by 4 cm. There is a thickening from below. The leg is painted in brown, this part of the mushroom is lighter than the hat. There is a white mesh on the leg, which becomes beige as it is aged. The leg itself is wrinkled.

Himenofoophore Berryta, as well as many of his brothers, tubular. Tubes grow to the mushroom. At a young age, the mushroom mushroom is white, as it grows and develops, it becomes yellow. If you press on a sporiferous layer, it will become green.

The pulp is bronze fleshy and juicy, has white color. The pulp does not change the pulp on the break, but the pulp of the legs can slightly darken. In young specimens, the pulp can be firm. The pulp of the mushroom smells pleasant.

The disputes of this representative of the Belotovs are long, have a floodplain form. Painted in green.

When and where it grows

Bronze Bronze Brone Borovik grows in mixed forests, he loves wet soils that are rich in humus. This mushroom can be found in the south of Eurasia, in Western Europe. Bronze Board can be found in the USA. This mushroom is listed in the Red Book of Denmark.

Usually find 2 or 3 nearby mushrooms, this species never grows in large groups.


The boobs have a lot of edible doubles. One of them – Oak painter. The double has a reddish hat and a very bright mesh on the leg.

Oak painter

White mushroom is also similar to the Borovik bronze. This famous mushroom has a red tint, it often cracked strongly. The leg of the white mushroom is tightly shrouded in a clean-white net.


Polish mushroom – Another double of a bronze big. It can be distinguished by a thin leg. The pulp of the Polish mushroom turns blue if you break it. There is no mesh on a similar view.

Polish mushroom

Pine Board is easy to confuse with a bronze fellow. The net of this double is located only in the upper leg. You can notice a lot of grooves and wrinkles on a hat, white plaque.

Pine white mushroom

Poisonous relative – Gall mushroom. He is much less than a bronzeup boom – up to 10 cm. Hymenophore of a dangerous mushroom pink, a black mesh is barely visible on the leg.

Gall mushroom

Borovik is wonderful – Another poisonous double. After eating this fungus, gastroenteritis begins for food. The Breaty Hat is painted in beige, his leg is pinkish. The pulp of a dangerous fellow is blue on break.

Borovik is wonderful


The bronze painter is quite edible, but it should not be eaten by people with gastritis and children. It can be dried, and cook, and fry it. True, before heat treatment, it is worth soaking the mushroom in cold water for 20 minutes. Cook bronze bond should be at least 40 minutes.

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