Brown Bear from the Red Book a photo and a description where it lives, appearance, diet

One of the largest representatives of the Bear family. The size of the predator’s body can reach two meters in length, and body weight varies from 150 to 350 kilograms. The largest brown bear is a type of grizzly, they are able to reach up to three meters in length. Such individuals live in Kamchatka and Alaska. The head of a brown bear is quite large with small ears. The body is covered with thick and soft fur. The color of the animal can change from brown to black. As a rule, most brown representatives. The paws of the bear are powerful and large, sharp claws on the fingers.

A variety of brown bears

Brown bears are distinguished by their size and appearance. The most famous subspecies of bears:

European brown bear. Large predator weighing up to 300 kilograms. The wool is pale with a dark spot in the walker area.

East Siberian brown bear. The view is its soft and long fur. The color of the fur can vary from light brown to dark brown. In addition to coloring, the bear is very massive, its weight can reach 350 kilograms.

Amur brown bear or grizzly. The largest predator of the bear family with a mass of 450 kilograms. The color of the fur is predominantly black.

Caucasian brown bear. The owner of a small light brown wool. A little less than their relatives. The weight of the Caucasian bear varies up to 150 kilograms.

Habitat of drilling bear

Brown bear is a very common animal. His population extends from Alaska to Eurasia. However, the territory of the spread of brown bears has changed over the past hundred years. In connection with the extermination of their habitat, concentrated in Canada and Alaska. Also brown bear is often in Russian latitudes.


Despite its huge dimensions, a brown bear is a very quiet and clever animal. Has a sensitive hearing and welldeveloped smell. Only his weak vision failed the predator.

The activity of brown bears begins in the morning, and ends with the onset of darkness. The appearance of brown bears leads a sedentary lifestyle and is not used to wandering. However, young bears who separated from the family are able to move to other territories in search of a partner for mating.

Marriage season and offspring

The breeding season of brown bears traditionally falls on May. The estrus in females lasts more than 20 days. This period is characterized by serious conflicts between males. The winner of the fight receives the right to fertilization of the female. The couple remains together for 40 days. The period of pregnancy lasts an average of 7 months. As a rule, the family of brown ones gives birth to 2-3 teddy bear. The offspring is with a mother under three years old, and up to a year eat mother’s milk.

Father Medvezhat does not participate in their upbringing. All responsibility falls on the mother.


Despite its predatory breed, the main source of food of brown bears is vegetation. As a rule, they feed on nuts, berries, acorns and stems of various plants. Do not bypass the nest of insects.

From the animal world do not mind enjoying mice, gophers and chipper. In the period before hibernation, a brown bear is able to select prey from other predators. Carcasses of a dock, roe deer, moose and deer can include his diet.

Hibernation of brown bears

The hibernation period of a brown bear begins with the onset of cold weather. Bears begin to cook their den for prolonged sleep. Sleep shelters are equipped in deaf places on the Bourlines. Bears are also able to tear out large pits or settle in mountain caves. Females with children try to make their den warm and spacious, lining it with moss and fir branches.

Depending on climatic conditions, bears are able to hibernate up to six months. The first to winter, pregnant and elderly animals leave.

The population of the species

During this period, there are only two hundred thousand representatives of brown bears on the planet. Great damage to these animals is caused by hunters. Bears have long been considered an excellent target, thanks to their fur and meat. Traditional Asian medicine uses bears meat for healing purposes. The beast itself is fearful and secretive. Attacks on a person are very rare. Due to the sharp contraction of the species, brown bears are listed in the Red Book, as under threat of extinction.

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