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Brown hyena (lat. Parahyaena Brunnea) is a predatory mammal that is the only one of the genus Parahyaena. Belongs to the Hyenov family. In terms of living, it is common on the coasts, in deserts and semideserts of the African continent.


Brown hyenas do not differ in such force, aggressiveness, abilities in terms of hunting, like spotted and striped relatives. Because of this, the diet of such predators consists mainly of falling, sea creatures, small animals, fruits of various plants. Most often lead a single lifestyle, males dominate in family groups.


The average parameters of brown hyenas:

  • Body length 120 cm;
  • Height 80 cm;
  • Tail length 30 cm;
  • Mass of males 42 kg;
  • Female weight 40 kg.
  • The wool is very long, shaggy. Coloring-dark brown, paws and head gray. There are black spots and stripes on the legs. Through the small, the muzzle is elongated. The ears are long, pointed.

    Brown hyena has an additional anal gland that emits a white or black secret. It is needed for marking the territories of the percentage of the predator, warning and scaring enemies.

    Where they live

    Most of the individuals of this type of hyenas are common in the desert areas of Kalahari, Namib. They can be found in the very south of the African continent, as well as in its central part.

    The most preferred zones in terms of resettlement for brown hyenas are ravines, clay deserts, gorges, foothills, shores near large reservoirs, mainly rivers.

    What they eat

    Brown hyenas are less strong, aggressive compared to spotted, striped relatives, which is why most of their diet is carrion. Very often these animals take away the prey from larger predators. However, this is possible only with the participation of several individuals at once.

    In hungry hours, scavengers begin to hunt small animals, birds, unfold the nests in search of eggs. Brown hyena do not refuse to consume various vegetables, fruits of trees, some fruits.


    Lifestyle mainly evening. It was at this time that brown hyenas leave their shelters in search of prey. These predators live among stones, in caves, holes can dig, deepening in the ground, like temporary shelters.

    Brown hyena live in family groups in which a strict hierarchy acts. The dominant role is occupied by the male. If there are several adults, it should be the strongest.

    The first birth in females of brown hyenas occur after 2 years from birth. The duration of pregnancy can reach 100 days. Females mate with the strongest male from the family group, or stray males of loners. Other male individuals from the group help in educating the offspring.

    Hunting places and paths of the group are the same, however, its members prefer to eat separately. Older individuals protect the younger ones from larger predators. At the same time, males from one group can easily go to another.

    For communication with other individuals of their appearance, brown hyenas use many sounds. It can be a howl, growl, whining, grunting.

    Today in the world there are less than 10,000 brown hyenas. For this reason, they are attributed to the form, which is under threat of disappearance. To control the population of these animals, Africa has several national reserves where predators are under guard.

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