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Brown Sych received such a name for a reason. This representative of the owl family is often met as a pet. Thanks to its small sizes, this representative fits perfectly into the home environment.


The body length of the house of a house of a length is not more than 25 centimeters, and these birds weigh on average 150 grams. Outwardly, this representative is distinguished by a gray-brown color of feathers and the absence of feathers. Along the back feathers are decorated with white spots. The head of the Sich is very small, but an extremely mobile neck, which can turn up to 180 degrees. This feature is associated with the immobility of the eyes. The iris of the eyes is bright yellow with a large pupil.

The beak of a small brown or yellowish tint. The streamlined body, helping the ray easily move in space. Brownie owl wings are only 15 centimeters in length. The tail is quite small. Thanks to its magnificent plumage, the bird looks larger and more complete. The legs of the house of the house are short and covered with feathers to claws. Claws, like most representatives, sharp and strong.


The population of the house is common everywhere, except for the southern and northern poles. It is found in all European countries, including inhabited many territories of Eurasia. The bird feels comfortable in Asia, America and Africa. Brown Sych is not found in the mountainous territories and lowlands. Often chooses an extensive empty area where he can successfully hunt for prey. Loves house owl residential settlements in which he builds his nests. If the bird is tamed as a pet, then for its comfortable existence, the whole room is distinguished or enclosure is being built.


Like all representatives of the Owing Family, the Brownie Sych belongs to predators. The hunting period begins in the evening, and ends at sunrise. If necessary, it can fly out for daytime hunting. In search of prey, brownies freeze on branches and expect approaching a potential victim. Their victims include such small mammals and insects as:

  • Frogs;
  • Snakes;
  • Lizards;
  • Fields, shrews, small mice and rats;
  • Moths, insect larvae, locusts.
  • If a house owl finds a victim, he begins to soar for a long time over it, hoping a good moment to attack. Finds the victim, Sych falls on it and grabs sharp claws, not giving the animal the slightest chance.

    Features of lifestyle

    Brown Sychi are very brave birds. However, being near a person, the bird gets used very quickly and becomes nonaggressive. Thanks to this character, the house owl has become a good friend of a person. Birds love to play and take people for members of their pack.

    In the wild, the Sych is activated and prepares the feed reserves for the arrival of winter. Depending on the character, the brownies can live both in pairs and alone. Sometimes a small group of raises is chosen by hunting, so they can capture larger production.

    Chicks of a brownie


    The breeding period of house raws begins in the spring. Young males in search of a chosen one arrange a whole performance. The male makes loud sounds, gets food and arranges indicative dances for the female. In the case when the female agrees, their pair remains for many years. The female lays from 4-5 eggs and forces them for 22-28 days. At this time, the male goes in search of food for himself and females. The chicks are very tiny with a weight of not more than 10 grams. The female spends the first week all the time with her chicks. When the chicks get stronger, their parents go to joint hunting in search of prey for the whole family. Already on the 40th day, small chicks are ready to leave the nest.

    Some parents push their cubs for the first sortie. Ripened chicks are able to form small flocks that stay until the pair is formed. The life expectancy of a brownie in captivity can reach 12 years.

    Enemies of the brownie

    Such a small representative of the owls is often dangerous from larger predators. Since these birds are quite fearless, they very easily become the prey of animals such as eagles, cakes, foxes, affection or ermines. Despite its size, house owl is quite strong. He can repulse the enemies with his tenacious claws and a sharp beak.

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