Burman cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Myanmar
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    30 cm
  • The weight:
    3.5–6 kg
  • Age:
    10-15 years
  • Brief information

  • Burman cats are so attached to their master that they received the title of “cat-cat”;
  • A distinctive feature of the cat is the look of the shed and the eyes of a honey shade;
  • There are two parallel branches of the breed: European and American, which differ in color, cat complexion and head shape.
  • Character

    Burman cats are very playful and sociable. These pets need constant contact with their master, for which they are constantly compared with dogs. The Burman cat will never lie aside, if the owner of the house will accompany it everywhere, and at the first opportunity get on his knees, purr and caress. That is why representatives of this breed are not recommended to leave alone.

    The Burman cat is not suitable for people who are used to lingering for a long time at work, it will suffer. However, if in addition to her, another animal lives in the house, even a dog, the cat will not miss. Representatives of the Burman breed get along well with other pets, although they strive for leadership in everything.

    Burman cats are very active. Any game is turning into a real adventure and demonstration, which can last several hours. Moreover, cats will be happy to share the game with children, and parents will not have to worry about the security of the child. Burma perfectly understands that you can’t scratch and bite a little owner.

    If desired, the Burman cat can be taught a number of teams: high intelligence and the ability to teach in cats this breed in the blood.


    Burman cat has a short wool, so caring for it is minimal. In addition to this, representatives of the breed are very clean. All that is required of the owner is to comb out the dropped hairs once a week with a massage brush. During molting, it is recommended to carry out the procedure more often twice a week.

    It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the eyes and ears of the cat. It is recommended to get rid of eye secretions and clusters once a week. To make the claws healthy, a pet needs a claw.

    Conditions of detention

    It is believed that Burman cats are subject to teeth diseases. To avoid this, it is necessary to regularly visit a veterinarian, as well as give a cat a solid food and special hard goodies that remove the dentition.

    Burman cats are distinguished by a special structure of the nose it is shortened. As a result, animals can have a number of breathing problems.

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