Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound: the characteristics dogs breed, photo

Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound

Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound aboriginal dog breed. Even in ancient times, these animals accompanied the nomadic tribes that lived on the territory of modern Buryatia and Mongolia. The dog was a man’s helper: she guarded the house, guarded the herds of sheep, and protected them from predatory animals. By the way, another name for the breed “hotosho” translated from Buryat literally means “yard dog”.

Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound

Characteristics Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound

  • Country of origin: Russia (Buryatia)
  • The size: Large
  • Growth: 65–75 cm
  • The weight: 45–70 kg
  • Age: 12–14 years old
  • FCI breed group: Not recognized

Brief information

  • Another name for the breed is hotosho;
  • Excellent service breed;
  • Calm and balanced dogs.

Character Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound

After the almost complete disappearance of the breed, it was possible to restore it. Professional cynologists-breeders Nikolai Batov and Marika Teregulova from Buryatia revived the breed. And the official hotosho standard was adopted by the RKF in 2000.

Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhounds are calm, intelligent dogs with a balanced character. They won’t bark in vain. These are devoted and faithful animals, the meaning of life of which is to serve a person. They have long been used as working dogs and protectors of the family. And today they are doing their job very well.

Despite the weight and external obesity, the Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound is a mobile and very energetic dog. Lying lazily all day is not about her, hotosho requires physical exertion and needs training. If the owner has no experience, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional dog handler.

Dogs of this breed mature slowly, so it is necessary to socialize and accustom them to the outside world gradually. With the wrong upbringing, hotosho can be wayward and arrogant.

The Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound is a rather independent and independent dog. Yes, he loves praise and affection, but he will never impose his society on the owner. Hotosho is not afraid of loneliness, but prefers to always be close to a person. This dog will make a great companion for a large family.

Hotosho is excellent nannies, taking care of the household, including children, is in their blood. Gentle, affectionate, and very patient, these dogs will mess around with kids for a long time and will never let them offend.

The Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound gets along well with other animals, especially if he grew up with them. However, representatives of this breed are neutral to unfamiliar cats and dogs.


Hotosho is unpretentious in care. His coarse coat needs to be combed out a couple of times a week with a massage comb. I must say, his coat has a wonderful self-cleaning property, so the representatives of the breed are not bathed so often.

We must not forget about the health of the eyes and teeth of the pet. They are recommended to be inspected weekly and regularly cleaned.

Conditions of detention

Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound is definitely not an apartment dog, the pet will be happy to live outside. These dogs can be kept in an aviary or just in the yard. Thick wool allows them to stay outside for a long time even in winter.

Since these are rather large dogs, it is very important to monitor the health of the pet’s joints and bones during their growing up period.

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