Bus. The impact of buses on the environment

Buses are very good as a means of transportation for a mass number of people. They are used to transport people around the city or as tourists. However, one should not lose sight of the fact that such a vehicle can be not only useful, but also harmful to our entire environment.

The bus is a universal means of transportation for passengers. It has become one of the essential vehicles in every city and country. The cost of a bus ticket is quite small, which is why it is easier for most of the population to use it than to spend many times more on gasoline.

Do not forget that the bus brings not only benefits to the population, but also significant harm. In particular, due to the exhaust gases produced by the vehicle, the air that people themselves breathe is polluted. It becomes completely saturated with engine oil, and it is dangerous to breathe such air. Exhaust gases also pollute the entire environment: air, water, plants.

We must not forget that not only we humans breathe this way, but also our beloved animals. If a person is already accustomed to such air, then the animal can easily die without having lived a day in such a city. However, in the modern world, the ecology is already polluted and animals have to adapt to the conditions of their environment, just like people.

And from a large congestion of buses, the air is polluted much faster, and it is almost impossible to breathe it. As for rivers and plants, they are also polluted quickly due to air pollution. Flowers wither due to the fact that they do not receive enough water, or it does not come in very good condition. This alignment will soon lead our planet to death. Therefore, it is important to use transport in moderation and try to protect our planet from pollution as much as possible.

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