Buttercup Sayan Red Book a description for children, a photo where it grows

Buttercup Sayansky a representative of herbaceous perennial plants, which is most common in an alpine belt. The best soil are raw meadows, as well as areas near rivers and streams. In addition, he prefers the highlands.

It is noteworthy that it is found only in Eurasia, in particular, in Siberia and Buryatia. There is a possibility of cultivation, but in this country such a process is impossible.

In total, 4 germinations of such a flower are known. The population is extremely small, which affects:

  • Sales of livestock, which leads to the destruction of highland meadows;
  • development of the mining industry;
  • Weak competitiveness.
  • Peculiarities

    Buttercup Sayansky is a rare type that belongs to the category of shortrooted perennials. This means that height can reach 27 centimeters.

    The stems are slightly curved, and they are slightly pressed to the top and covered with villi. The leaves of this flower have:

  • basal-hold on elongated petioles, and their plates are specific in their form-they can be either budbar or heart-rounded. To the base are dissected into several segments, but not more than 5. They, in turn, are cut into 3 lanceolate gear slices;
  • stem-to the very base are dissected in 5 parts of a lanceolate form.
  • The flowers of such a plant are single and small (not more than 2 centimeters in diameter). However, they have a bright yellow color. As for the petals, they are several times longer than the cups of a brown or brown shade.

    Fruit heads in shape can resemble an oval or ball, the fruits themselves are small and shortlegged. They have a straight one, but a little bit bent to the top. The method of propagation of such a plant is only seed.

    Sayansky buttercup blooms only in the summer season, and begins to bear fruit from midAugust to the end of September.

    Despite their tender name, such buttercups are very poisonous, since they contain “fierce” juice that corrodes the skin. However, an attractive appearance provokes people to collect such flowers for bouquets.

    Buttercup Sayan Red Book a description for children, a photo where it grows

    Medicinal properties

    Sayan buttercup is also used in folk medicine, since it has a unique composition and includes:

  • kumarins and saponins;
  • Protoanemonin and alkaloids;
  • tannins;
  • flavonoids and vitamin C;
  • carotene and various oils.
  • On its basis, healing decoctions and infusions for oral administration, as well as ointments and creams for local use are made.

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