Camphore’s miller (camphor load) photo and description, edible or not

Camphorus or Camphoratus Camphoratus Camphoratus Mleeter is a mushroom that is a representative. Camphor’s carrier is conditionally present.

Where it grows

Mlechik is often found in Eurasia, on the territory of North America. Mlechik forms mycorrhiza with coniferous trees. This species often grows on moss and in rotten wood. Mushrooms are collected in early September.

Camphor’s millet grows perfectly in rainy weather. These mushrooms love mixed forests. Mushrooms are always located next to reservoirs and swamps, they cannot be found in territories with a hot climate. Insects never spoil the appearance of the milfaries due to caustic milky juice.


The “young” copy has a round hat, but as the “aging” this part of the mushroom is flattened and ultimately becomes flat. There is a small hill in the center of the hat. Overup mushrooms in the middle of the hat have a recess. This part of the camphor miller is painted in red or brown, while the hat casts red. The surface of the hat is smooth. The diameter of this part is about 6 cm.

The mushroom leg is not very large and thin. Its parameters: 5 by 0.5 cm. The leg narrows downwards. This part of the mushroom can be both lighter than the hat and similar color.

Sporebearing layer of lacker lacker plate. The plates are located close to each other, they usually have branches. In young specimens of the plate, pink, but as they “aging” they become more red.

The disputes of the Moleknik are rounded, the surface is covered with grooves. Spore powder yellowish.

The pulp of the Moleknik camphor flabby and loose. It is painted in red. The flesh smells unpleasant. A transparent or whitish liquid is released on the cut. This is milky juice that does not oxidize in the air.

Similar species (doubles)

Sweet rush or rubella Moleknik’s double. This mushroom has the same unpleasant odor. However, you can distinguish a double by purple plates.

Sweet load (rubella)

Another similar look bitter. The pulp of the double has no smell, the hat is more brown.


Camphor’s lacker can be confused with a poultry. The submarine is much larger than the Molegnik, when cutting it comes out of it more milky juice.


Camphor’s miller is often confused with its brown-yellow counterpart. The double is inedible, but the unpleasant smell is absent. The hat of a similar species is painted in orange, it darkens a little when the milky juice enters.

Mlechik is brown-yellow


Mlechik can only be eaten by people who do not have chronic diseases. It can be dangerous for pregnant women, children.

Before heat treatment, the mushroom is soaked for several days. Then the miller is usually greasy in a deep vessel for a month.

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