Canadian Eskimo dog: characteristics and photo

Canadian Eskimo dog treats children with curiosity, it will easily make friends with school-age children. The attitude of a pet towards babies largely depends on the behavior of the owner, since sometimes these dogs can be quite jealous. If the owner pays enough attention to the pet, there will be no problems.

Canadian Eskimo dog

Characteristics of Canadian Eskimo dog

  • Country of origin: Canada
  • The size: Large
  • Growth: 61–73 cm
  • The weight: 20–40 kg
  • Age: 12-14 years
  • MKF breed group: Not recognized

Brief information

  • The breed is at risk of disappearance;
  • Strong and brave;
  • Need many exercises.

Character Canadian Eskimo dog

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is an ancient breed that fell on new lands a thousand years ago with the people of Tula the ancestor of the Eskimos. Inuits, the Eskimos of Canada, call it “kimmik” or “kimmit”, which literally translates to “dog”. People used these dogs for hunting and driving.

Changed the life of the northerners of the XX century, when snowmobiles came to replace dogs. Animals have ceased to be popular, and gradually, against the background of the development of economics and equipment, their number decreased. So much so that today in the world there are only about 300 dogs of this breed. Due to their small numbers, they are not recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

Strong, hardy, loyal it’s all about Canadian Eskimo dogs. Strongly built, they adapt well even to very low temperatures. Therefore, they are perfect for the role of a pet of a family that lives in a private house outside the city.

Canadian Eskimo dog is human-oriented. Centuries of living side by side with people did not pass without a trace. Representatives of the breed are incredibly devoted to their owner and very attached to the family.

By the way, Eskimo dogs make excellent hunters and brave guards. All thanks to the driving past. Often, dogs protected a person from animals in the forest, including bears.

Canadian Eskimo dog treats strangers with distrust, although some representatives may show interest and even friendliness. Much depends on the nature of the individual pet. In general, these dogs need to be socialized and trained early. It is better to entrust the process to a professional dog handler, this will avoid many mistakes in education.

Canadian Eskimo dog is a sociable breed, she gets along well with relatives. But there may be conflicts if the neighbor is aggressive and does not make good contact.


The thick coat of the Canadian Eskimo Dog requires careful care, especially during the molting season, which occurs in autumn and spring. Animals are combed twice a week with a furminator. The rest of the time, one combing is enough to remove the fallen hairs.

Conditions of detention

Keeping a Canadian Eskimo dog in an apartment, although difficult, is possible. The main thing is to provide your pet with enough exercise. Not only running and fetching are suitable, but also playing sports, for example, skijoring and skipulling.

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