Cargeted birds representatives and types of detachment, features and signs

The haircut detachment consists of two completely different subdits: cutting and hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are the smallest representatives of not only this detachment, but also the class of birds. Their dimensions are from 5 to 22 cm, and the mass is from 2.5 to 7 g. The subordinates of the haircuts include slightly larger birds, the body length of which varies from 9 to 30 cm, and they weigh up to 200 g. Representatives of the detachment are characterized by a small head, a shortened neck, long flyer feathers, an elongated brush, unsuitable for walking, but ideal for clinging the legs.

Cargets fly perfectly. Switch grab insects on the fly. Hummingbirds so quickly wave their wings that they can freeze in the air, extracting pollen from plants.

Suture subordinate

Needlehigh haircut

Small haircut

Black haircut

White lane haircut

Bluebrown haircut

Wood haircut

Pale haircut

Cave Salangan

Big Salangan

The suburb of hummingbirds

Beloujian sapphire

Chernouchius hummingbirds

Brown diamond

Krasnogorny diamond


Forest Nymph

Bronze Inka


Emerald mangoes

Gigantic hummingbird


Rubine hummingbird

Heavenly Sylph




Swifts are common in all parts of the world, except Antarctica. Prefer areas with a large number and species variety of insects. Live in large flocks in rocks, holes often near the water. Regulate the number of flying insects.

Hummingbirds live mainly in the equatorial and tropical zones of South and North America, including adjacent islands. Birds living in moderate belts annually migrate into warmer zones. Hummingbirds feeding nectar and pollen with a long curved beak are excellent plant pollinators.

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