Cat breed Siberian cat: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    up to 33 cm
  • The weight:
    from 4 to 9 kg
  • Age:
    13-17 years
  • Brief information

  • independent and very independent animals;
  • Beautiful companions and guards.
  • Character

    Siberian cats are closely related to wild forest and steppe cats. They are born hunters strong, powerful and very dexterous.

    It is believed that by nature Siberian cats are very close to dogs. They clearly determine the boundaries of their possessions and bravely protect them from the attacks of outsiders. But at the same time, for no good reason, the Siberian cat will not show aggression. There must be a reason from the offender for this. But if he enters the battle, then no one will seem to anyone. These cats are not used to retreat and will beat until the last.

    Siberian cats are well oriented in space. They get used to the house and the owner and, even if they leave for a long time, always return back as if nothing had happened.

    It is difficult to find a more devoted and at the same time unobtrusive cat. Siberian cats follow their owners, but they can not attract attention to themselves, but simply act as a quiet outside observer. These cats love to choose a place in such a way as to be able to see the room entirely. Like guard dogs, they are located so that it is convenient for them to watch all the people in the room immediately.

    Siberian cats are very friendly towards people and need communication. They get along very well with young children, with pleasure with them play and make up a pleasant company to adult family members. But at the same time do not tolerate obsessive attention and attitude towards themselves as a fluffy toy. These cats have a greatly developed sense of dignity, and they are ready to perform on equal terms with a person. The dismissive attitude will perceive aggressively.

    Siberian cats may have problems with other animals. They get along poorly with dogs, as they try to dominate and demonstrate who the master is in the house. They hunt small animals. They can be adjacent to other cats, but it all depends on the circumstances: the behavior of the Siberian cannot be forecasted.


    Siberian cats are famous for their wool. True, she needs serious care. Therefore, the owner should have time to comb out and a whole arsenal of the corresponding inventory to put the wool and undercoat in order. In order for no problems, kittens should be accustomed to regular combing at least once a week from early childhood.

    In addition, Siberian cats love to swim. Wash them not only, but also necessary. It is only important to choose the right time for this so that the cat can properly dry and not get sick.

    The claws deserve separate attention. The house must have specially equipped places where the cat can flood claws. If they are not, she will use for these purposes everything that seems to her more or less suitable: furniture and walls.

    Conditions of detention

    Siberian freedomloving cats. They feel very poorly in a close city apartment. They need a space for walking and hunting. Short walks, as a rule, do not give the animal the opportunity to throw out energy. In this case, the cat can turn into punishment: he will have nothing to do in the house everything that he will come across in the way. May even begin to show aggression in relation to the owner.

    Ideally, Siberians should have in country houses with large territories, in which the cat can walk and hunt.

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