Cat breed Skokum: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
    Shorthaired, longhaired
  • Growth:
    15 cm
  • The weight:
    1.5–3.2 kg
  • Age:
    12–16 years
  • Brief information

  • Friendly and funny cats;
  • Unusual appearance.
  • History of origin

    Skokum (Bryakum) is an unusual name, which is of a very extraordinary breed of cats, and it translates from the language of the Indians Chinuki as “strong, unbending”. Skokum is a very young breed, we can safely say that we are present at its foundation and formation. And the American Roy Galush decided to withdraw these amazing animals. He conceived a new breed as small, affectionate and curious animals with curly hair. To realize his idea, Roy Galush decided to cross Manticov (cats with shortened paws, peculiar dachshunds of the cat’s world) and curly laparms. Work on the selection of the new breed was started in 1990, by 1996 the first results were obtained in the form of funny curly cats and cats, and then for many 10 years it was fixed in the offspring of the main rock characteristics. In 2006, Roy Galush turned to TDCA, where Skokum received the status of an experimental breed.


    Skokums received shortened thick paws from Manthchins, and the front ones were shorter than the hind legs, and luxurious bumpy hair with a lush tail and a collar of a new breed gave laperma. The head of typical representatives of the Skokum breed is rounded, eyes are medium sizes resembling walnuts in shape. Several options for the length of the wool are acceptable, but the longer it is, the more curly. Coloring can also be different.


    Despite their funny appearance, small sizes and shortened legs, skokums playful and affectionate cats, very active and ready to drive the ball with pleasure. Typical representatives of the breed are also not afraid of water, which greatly facilitates the care of their wool.

    Cat breed Skokum: characteristics, photo, character, care rules and content petstory

    Care and content

    Since the wool of the breed representatives is quite long and also curls, Skokums must be combed regularly, accustoming to this procedure from the very tender age, as well as bathing with special feline shampoos. Wool care is necessary if you want to enjoy the beautiful appearance of the pet. Also, representatives of the breed, like any other cats, need a balanced diet, timely processing from fleas and ticks, vaccinations from infectious diseases and simply a loving family for which these animals will become real friends.

    Cat breed Skokum: characteristics, photo, character, care rules and content petstory

    Since there are very few representatives of the breed, the prices of kittens are very high. In addition, to buy a kitten, he will have to go to the USA for him, which will greatly affect its cost.

    Cat breed Skokum: characteristics, photo, character, care rules and content petstory
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