Cat breed Somali cat: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    26–34 cm
  • The weight:
    3-6 kg
  • Age:
    11–16 years
  • Brief information

  • Very tactful and unobtrusive breed;
  • Amenable to training;
  • Easily adapts to any conditions.
  • Character

    Somali cats an amazing breed. Their closest relatives are the Abyssins, from whom they inherited the curiosity and liveliness of the character. But, unlike Abyssinian cats, the somali is not so loud and have a tact.

    Somali breed cat is an unconditional favorite of all family members. She gets along well with young children: she plays with pleasure with them, shows patience and never releases claws, even if children, having played, cause her inconvenience.

    For adults this is a wonderful companion. Despite the fact that the cat is vividly interested in everything that the owner does, it does not allow itself to be too intrusive and tries not to bother.

    Cats of this breed are very sociable. They are welcoming towards guests, even if they see them for the first time, adore attention and, in order to attract it, are happy to demonstrate their skills. But at the same time, Somalia never cross the line they very subtly feel the mood of people and especially the owner. Therefore, if necessary, they will keep the distance.

    Somali cats are very smart. They lend themselves to training, easily absorb standard teams, can, on demand, bring small items. If desired, they can even be taught several tricks Somalia is not inclined to show obstinacy and enjoy supporting any activity from the owner. And yet do not forget that these are cats, not dogs.

    Representatives of this breed are easily adapted to new conditions. They get along very well with other animals and, despite the fact that they have a very strongly developed hunting instinct, are friends with smaller pets.


    Somali cats look very impressive: they have thick, lush wool and a similar fox tail. But at the same time, their wool does not crawl out and does not spray, so there are no problems with regular combing with it at all.

    These cats love water, bathe with pleasure and can even take a shower with the owner. But it’s better to avoid this. It makes sense to purposefully wash the cat about once a year. If there is a need (and this is very rare, since the somali is very clean), then the procedure can be carried out more often.

    Conditions of detention

    Somali cats are very mobile and energetic. They love to play and do not lose child enthusiasm with age. That’s why they need toys, places for climbing. They love jumping and playing with suspended objects.

    These are homemade cats. They feel great in a city apartment and do not suffer from lack of movement if they create appropriate conditions. Moreover, for life on the street, these cats are not categorically adapted they do not tolerate cold.

    The ideal option is to equip the cat with a small green corner where she could walk. Or, if there is an opportunity to sometimes take somalia out of town, you can let it out for a walk in the green territory. You can walk the pet on a leash and in the city, but it is still better to choose the most green and calm places for this.

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