Cat breed Thai cat: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Thailand
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    30 cm
  • The weight:
    4-8 kg
  • Age:
    10-14 years
  • Brief information

  • independent, graceful and very smart;
  • A distinctive feature of the Thai cat is the color: eight dark marks and sky blue eyes;
  • Thai cat the parent of the Siamese cat, who retained the oldtype exterior: a round head, muscular body and middle paws;
  • One of the most ancient breeds in the world.
  • Character

    Thai cats have a wonderful character: smart, devoted and very friendly. By this they resemble dogs. Owners of Thai cats especially note the intelligence of the pet, which allows you to train animals. Another distinctive feature of the breed is “talkativeness”. Thai cats are able to make a whole gamut of sounds: from purring to snorting and meowing in different intonations. At the same time, unlike some other breeds made by this cat, sounds are quiet, breast.

    Thai cats are very sociable and curious. They are always ready to be in the center of events and will not be against universal attention and affection. Without communication, Thais are sad, so the longawaited meeting of the owner at the end of the day is a real holiday for a cat.

    Thais easily get along with children. Thanks to their sense of tact, they will not bite and scratch the child. In addition, these cats easily find a common language with other animals in the house.


    Thai cats are very clean, they put themselves in order with particular care. Moreover, the pet, despite activity and energy, will not destroy the furniture and demolish everything in its path during the games. However, a small kitten must still be accustomed to a claw and a tray as early as possible.

    Thai cats have short wool, so they do not require special care. It will be more thorough to clean the apartment to the owners of such a cat will have to only during molting. Otherwise, combing a cat with a special brush is recommended once every two weeks to remove the dropped hairs. Bathing before exhibitions or as they become contaminated, but not too often, since representatives of this breed do not like water procedures.

    Conditions of detention

    The most important thing in the content of the Thai cat is the absence of drafts and cold places. They threaten a pet not only in a cold, but, first of all, by the darkening of the color. The fact is that low temperatures affect the color of the marks and fur coats of the pet: the lower the degree, the brighter the color.

    The Cat’s curiosity is fraught with a fall from the window and poisoning with poisonous plants. Therefore, before starting the pet of this breed, future owners must ensure its safety: put the nets on the windows and make sure that indoor plants are not poisonous.

    It is recommended to feed Thais with highquality feeds designed for active cats. Follow the influence of feed on the animal’s hair: some products can cause early darkening of the wool of the pet, which should be normally manifested in adulthood.

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