Dinosaurs were large lizards that fermented on our planet a great number of years ago and also disappeared in the aftermath of what is believed to be an asteroid impact. Despite the fact that they have long since died out, paleontologists in this case, as well as the problem of noticing in various elements of the planet of their hardened traces as well as prints. Thus, in 2022, there was made a startling discovery – at the bottom of one of the rivers in the North American U.S. State found the paw prints of a carnivorous and herbivorous lizard.

Time approaches, and over time, experts have changed their position on this, as well as how to look dinosaurs. If earlier dinosaurs were lizards with scales, then today, paleontologists believe that many of their bodies were dotted with colorful feathers. The understanding of the absolutely popular Tyrannosaurus Rex is also changing – not so long ago it turned out that there were “kings”, “queens” and also “emperors” among them.