Here you can find out a lot about dog breeds and cat breeds, how much they weigh, how long they live and how they are trained.
Pick the right cat and dog.
As you’ve probably gathered by now, each breed can fall into several categories at the same time. A fighting dog, for example, may be suitable for the flat, while a decorative breed may be hypoallergenic. Likewise cats, which can show their temperament and more.
You should choose your four-legged friend wisely, weighing the pros and cons. Moreover, you should think not only about your own comfort and safety, but also whether the living conditions that you can offer the animal is suitable for it.
Not only your life during the next 10-15-20 years will depend on your choice, but also the life of your four-legged friend, his health and well-being. Therefore, you should not make your choice based on what you want in the moment.