The Red Data Book is a list of rare, endangered or extinct animal species. The Red Data Book is the main document that summarises and presents relevant information on the current status of rare and endangered animal species. Based on the information from the Red Data Book we develop scientific and utilitarian measures, which aim to protect animals, control their number and carry out other important activities. The Red Data Books are divided into international, national and territorial Red Data Books. Red listed animals may leave the following ranks of protection: Extinct (Extinct (EX), Extinct in the Wild (EW)), Endangered (Endangered species (CR), Endangered species (EN), Vulnerable species (VU)), At risk is low (Species dependent on conservation efforts (CD), Near Threatened Species (NT), Least Concern Species (LC)), Other (Species with insufficient data for risk assessment (DD), Species of No Risk Assessment (NE)). The IUCN Red List is currently under active consideration. This is a document of continuous action, since the habitat data of different wild animals is continuously changing and more and more species may find themselves in a catastrophic position. It is worth noting that human efforts have yielded positive results, as evidenced by the green pages in the Red Book. However, the number of wild animals with challenges is still quite large. Below are some Red List animals that are tracked for tasks. Check the list to find out which animals are listed in the Red Book.
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