Caucasian bison photo, description, report, black book

One of the largest artiferous animals living in the eastern and western part of Eurasia is the Caucasian bison. As a result of extermination by a person, as well as due to abbreviations of habitats suitable for this type of greenhouse, the Caucasian bison disappeared from the face of the earth.

Description of the Caucasian dick

Picaponary animals grow up to 330 cm. The weight of one individual can be one ton. Compared to the body, the beast has a small head on which dark brown eyes and a large nose are located. Caucasian bison has large horns that do not change throughout life. A feature of animals is a large hump, a powerful body, short legs and a long tail.

Caucasian bison has a thick beard and chestnut fur. Thanks to soft and fluffy wool, the animal is constantly warm and prevents body pollution. The forest giant has a beautiful smell, while the hearing and vision of the animal is much worse. Females are much less than male individuals. Animals constantly move by tens of kilometers and can jump over obstacles. In a calm time, bison love to bask in the sun and clean the wool in dry ground.

The average life expectancy of bison is 25 years.

The only enemy of the adult of the Caucasian dick is a person.

Life of the Caucasian bison

Animals differ in speed and strength. Despite the great weight and impressions of awkwardness, bulky, slowness, animals quickly accelerate and reach the enemy. Having reached the offender, the bison snort menacingly, butt, shake their heads, and the eyes can be poured with blood. They are not afraid of hedges, bushes and other barriers.

As a rule, adults rest in the daytime, and in the morning and evenings graze in the fields. Females live in groups (2-3 individuals), while males prefer life alone. In the autumn period, animals are fed, as a result of which thick and long fur grow.

Plant food the main nutrition of the Caucasian bison. In the diet of animals are herbs, mushrooms, leaves. Animals also eat trees, shrubs, lichens and shoots. In winter, giants are also easy to find food, as well as in the summer. They quickly dig food with horns or hooves.

Marriage games of bison

Every adult bison dwells alone. By the end of the summer season, the male chooses a female from a group of animals. Further, the giant protects the selected herd from any dangers and invasion, thereby trying to gain the trust and respect of the chosen one. Sometimes several bison apply for a group of females, then competitions can take place battles that determine the winner. This is a kind of presentation that helps to gain authority among females. In this case, bison make frightening sounds.

The female bores the fetus 9 months. Immediately after birth, the baby gets acquainted with the outside world and in an hour runs after his mother. Within 20 days, the newborn learns to eat on its own, but the female feeds it with milk up to five months.

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